Instagram inspired me to dig deep and round up twenty random things I’m sure you were just dying to know about me :)
1) In college I was first runner up for Miss Portland.

2) I’ve never broken a bone.

3) I wish I would have gone to design school – specifically graphic or textile, I think. Pretty much, I wanna be Orla Kiley.

4) Cookies are my weakness, I can eat a dozen without batting an eye.

5) I love sleep but I hate going to bed.

6) Fall is my favorite season.

7) My husband was roommates with my boyfriend when we started dating.

8) My hair isn’t colored one bit.

9) I’m an indoor person, I only prefer the sun while on vacation.

10) Tonight for dinner I had risotto with sweet potatoes and flat bread with garlic/Wildtree herb blend/mozzarella/grapeseed oil/tangerine balsamic.

11) Mary Poppins is my favorite Disney character.

12) Between my sisters and I, Asia is the only continent we need to visit to be able to say we’ve seen all 7.

13) Folding laundry is my least favorite chore.

14) I would love to have another boy and another girl.

15) If I was blessed with twin girls I’d name them Bellamy and Briar.

16) Prague is my dream travel destination.

17) For my 30th birthday I really would like to go on a family cruise to Alaska.

18) Thermal is my favorite clothing texture, especially for snugly baby pajamas.

19) Growing up I dreamed of being on Broadway, specifically Anna from The King and I.

20) I miss that show Off the Map – did anyone watch that? It was like Grey’s Anatomy in the jungle.

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  1. says

    i often dreamed of being on broadway as well. too bad i can't dance OR sing. :) i haven't broken a bone (no cavities either!) and my hair is it's original color as well.

  2. says

    I can't sing or dance either … or act. So, I just stick to watching my Broadway favorites :)

  3. says

    Love this! I don't color my hair, either. Also love fall. I'm a total homebody- I could go days without going outside. Though I resolve to change that. And I'd totally go to design school tomorrow if I had the cash!

  4. says

    I'm trying to get outside more too, Max loves it … Jemma, not so much :( The fresh air totally helps me through the day though!

  5. says

    Seth can take it or leave it. Given a choice he prefers TV. I want to shift that!