2022 Year in Review: Highlights

As much as I like to be ready for the new year come January I’ve learned that it’s more of a transition month for me than a true fresh start. And, I like it that way. Time to reflect, organize, plan … all my favorite things. Plus, that tail end of the year with Christmas and Reid’s birthday? That’s enough to facilitate before launching into the new year.

So, this month … process, post, and gather all the thoughts.

To start … a quick lil’ recap of last year – highlight style.

I think 2022 was one of our fullest years ever. Good in so many ways, peppered with little bits of hard and “oh my goodness, what are we doing?”, but all in all, so very wonderful.

I had the hardest time narrowing my highlights down to just five, but, here they are!

Washington Summer

From our glamping trip to the Olympics to simple moments hanging with my mom and sisters – our Washington summer was magical. Like, the best, most special time I’ve ever had with my family. Nothing makes you love your people more than when you are away from them and are then reunited. And what a reunion it was.

Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park

We visited many national parks this year; and many more hiking trails, but Rocky Mountain takes the cake. Not necessarily because of the hikes or the ranger talks (although those were amazing), but because I did it on my own. Never did I ever think I could adventure solo with five kids – but I did! And it went so well! They did amazing!

On our four day trek to Washington Rocky Mountain was our big stop. We only had one day in the park and we filled it to the brim. It truly deserves a post of its own so we’ll just put a placeholder here to share more, hopefully soon >>>

Rocky Mountain National Park With Kids

Houston with Mimi

After soaking up Mimi for the summer we really missed her. We determined that it was silly for her to spend a fortune visiting at Christmastime so instead we crafted a plan to meet up in Houston!

Why Houston? Well, Dominic was working there, and, it’s beautiful in October! So, Mimi hopped a plane and we spent a week exploring. First, Dallas, then Hot Springs National Park, then all sorts of things in Houston. It was a trip to remember!

Another one that deserves a post of its own, in fact, two >>>

Hot Springs National Park with Kids

Visiting Houston with Kids

Eli’s 5th Birthday in Disneyland

A long, long time ago (well, it seems like forever ago) I had a dream. That dream turned into Jem’s first Disneyland trip – over her 5th birthday. Just she and I. Then Max and I went in honor of his 7th and Reid had a special trip right before his 6th. This year it was Eli’s turn and boy oh boy was he excited!

Eli loved Disney. A lot. In his matter of fact way he told me he did not like slow rides. So we went on Splash Mountain and Guardians and Big Thunder over and over and over again. We made the best memories. Gosh, I love doin’ Disney with my kids.

Which, brings me to a super fun hint about a Disney-ish thing that’s in the pipeline. It’s not a trip. Rather a family project of sorts. Stay tuned!

#75 Hard

Kids. Family. Adventure. Those were really the highlights of the year. I could add 20 more. But, for my fifth and final I have to give credit to yours truly because I completed #75 Hard and IT WAS SO HARD. I’m still giddy that I completed it though – two workouts a day (45 minutes each, one outside), one gallon of water, a diet of my choice (I had no desserts FOREVER which is crazy for a sweet tooth like me plus some other healthy choices), daily progress pictures, and ten pages of nonfiction reading.

It’s no joke when they say it’s a mental challenge.

And that’s a wrap on 2022. This year is shaping up to be bonkers fun too and as much as I’d like a little retreat to a spa in the woods I wouldn’t change these years of being deep in motherhood for the world.

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