Jemma’s Room Tour

I really wanted Jemma and Max to share a room. I thought it would be sweet – all Hansel and Gretel, you know. Buuuuut, they just weren’t having it. Max was keeping Jemma awake. Jemma didn’t like the top bunk like I’d hoped, their personalities are polar opposite, and between the two of them, I […]

8 Less Mess Snacks For Babies + Toddlers

Reid is my little foodie. This boy has been eyeing my plate for months and every nibble he gets, he savors, loves, and truly enjoys. Flavors are his friend and independence is his game.  But, here’s the thing. I kinda hate feeding him. I mean, I do! Of course! Or, Jemma does :) But can […]

Reid’s Favorite Breakfast

Mr. Reid is a breakfast lover. No doubt. He wakes up hungry and practically crawls straight to his high chair as soon as we make it downstairs. For awhile I scooped him up to nurse while the big kids sat at the table, but Reid made it clear that he wanted to be a part of […]

Perks Of WAHM Life

By now you’ve probably caught wind that I never intended to be a WAHM. This blog was birthed as a simple way to chronicle my pregnancy with Jemma for family that lived far away. And from there it grew. Slowly, but it did. To more than I ever thought it would be. And then it grew beyond this […]

Full, Not Busy

It’s the first hours of August 1st, a new month, a busy month around here. I technically haven’t closed out July because I haven’t gone to bed yet, but nonetheless, a new month is here. Hello August! There was a time in my life when I dreaded Sunday nights. The beginning of a week, felt so […]

3 Fun + Fabulous Ways To Stay Hydrated

This post was sponsored by Skinnygirl as part of an Influencer Activation. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. When I’m hydrated I feel 100% better. Water is my magic. My secret ingredient. My liquid happiness. If I feel grumpy, tired, or just restless, the first question I always ask myself is “Am I […]

Hello, Tide purclean (and Mom Rompers)

This post was sponsored by NEW! Tide purclean as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.  I go to Target every week. Sometimes with a specific shopping list. Sometimes just to browse and wander. And, let’s be real … sometimes just to sip a coffee and let my kids watch a movie on my […]

Yes, There Is Joy In House Cleaning!

Today’s post was sponsored by LG Electronics. Totally not pulling your leg … there can be joy in house cleaning if you look hard enough and approach it with the right heart! Now, I’m not one to be all Pollyanna about chores. Chores aren’t my first pick upon waking and by the end of the day this […]

All About Building a House, Maybe

Well, we’re maybe building a house. I say maybe because we haven’t bought property yet (we have a piece in mind that we love though) and we’re still nailing down a design. Oh, and the budget, because apparently it’s a good idea to be smart about finances when it comes to building. All that to say, we’re […]

Lemon Meringue

Dominic always requests something lemon flavored for his birthday dessert. All year long I force chocolate down his throat when it comes to desserts, so, being the awesome wife I am, I whip up some lemon deliciousness on his one special day! Then, back to chocolate :) I’ve had this recipe for lemon meringue sitting […]