Building News!


We think we have found property to build on!

A quaint little acre with trees and a peek at the port.

Everything is so “maybe” with it all … until it’s not, I guess. Which is exactly why Dominic is begging me to be just hesitantly excited. But I can’t help it. I’M EXCITED! We’ve been in the hopefully building mode since I was pregnant with Max. 5 years ago. And this is the closest we’ve gotten.

Things are rolling along – feasibility and such – and it just might all be real right around the time baby is born. 

That’s all I know. Dominic is doing the bulk of research and paperwork. Because he’s freaking amazing and very smart. And, all while managing me as I “third trimester” <<< because yes, he has turned this timeframe of pregnancy into a verb. Apparently, I third trimester hard … AKA, a rollercoaster of emotions. Pray for him. Pray for things to be eaaaaaaasy. Pray for our maybe someday home. 

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