Home Decor Dreamin’

Since my last house post, nothing new has happened. Sadly. Dominic did a hefty load of research on the land I fell in love with and deemed the 30+ acres to have “a postage stamp size” corner of buildable land. Humph.  So, back to square one. Often, when the land hunt gets too boring/stressful/depressing I […]

Max’s Room Tour

Welcome to Max’s room! It’s practically breaking my heart that it is finished just in time for us to pack up and move. But, perhaps its pulled togetherness will be a selling point when the house is listed? At least Max will have a fun documentation of his very first big boy room! I designed this […]

Jemma’s Room Tour

I really wanted Jemma and Max to share a room. I thought it would be sweet – all Hansel and Gretel, you know. Buuuuut, they just weren’t having it. Max was keeping Jemma awake. Jemma didn’t like the top bunk like I’d hoped, their personalities are polar opposite, and between the two of them, I […]