9 Things I’m Loving Right Now

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One — Being a boy mom. I was borderline scared to have a son, let alone SONS, and somedays it still catches me off guard. At the end of the day though, when I hold these little wild ones, my heart brims with adoration. I cherish our constant time together now and anticipate the many adventures to come. 

Two — Risotto. I just can’t get enough. I added asparagus sautéed in garlic and drizzled black truffle oil on top yesterday and oh. my. goodness.

Three — My “new” van! After the accident we went on a hunt for a new to us van; not an easy task when you’re on a quick timeframe. After two unsuccessful weekends of shopping the Lord handed us the best deal! I’m now the proud mama of a dark teal blue 2011 Toyota Sienna! 

Four — Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years”. Just try to rock your baby to sleep while listening to this without crying.

Five — Age 3 1/2. Last Tuesday Max celebrated his 1/2 birthday. Yes, we totally do that around here :) Since, he has had an upswing of good moments. I think we may be turning the corner and finding our way out of the terrible threes.

Six — House boats. I think I kind of want one someday!

Seven — Kind words, kind hands, kind heart. This is our new family mantra. We say it 20 times a day and Max has a chore chart of sorts where we document all the instances of kindness. It’s really helping our days go smooth. And, let’s be honest, it’s minimizing many a hurt feeling and potential injury around here too.

Eight — Nose Frida. I hate to love this thing, but it has made Reid’s first cold somewhat bearable. Send prayers of health our way!

Nine — Lily Jade! As a mom of three I can’t leave the house without a stash of essentials. Thanks to my Lily Jade bag, the ginormous and fabulous Meggan design, I’m never without our necessities. Plus, it’s a huge perk that I can wear it as a backpack; perfect for chasing Max and carrying Reid while keeping my hands free.

Photos by my lovely sis, bag c/o the lovely team at Lily Jade.

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