39 Weeks

39 weeks

Ready to guess baby’s birthday and stats?


How far along: 39 weeks, 0 days

Gender: Boy! And honestly, I’m to the point that if we are blessed with a 4th baby someday, I will probably hope for a boy again. Little boys love their mamas like no other and I can just see our family with Jem as my mini-mama and 3 rowdy, awesome little men following our orders :) And then, we when need an escape for peace Dom can send us back to Disneyland and he can go camping with his crew or something!

Weight gain: Plus 30 pounds so far; sitting around 175. I moved into the 180s with both Jemma and Max so we’ll see if Christmas treats give me an extra 5 pounds :)

Sleep: As good as can be expected. I’m pretty stiff when I roll out of bed for bathroom breaks, but I’m still getting some decent hours during the night and my daily snuggle naps with Max.

Best moment this week: Today! My sister arrives from Texas for Christmas and HOPEFULLY baby’s birth :)

Worst moment this week: I’ve got a pinched nerve, sciatica thing going on and by evening I’m a hobblin’ fool! It looks like I’ll be living at the chiropractor this week.

Miss anything: Moving without groaning. Getting up and down is rough. And stairs? Don’t get me started. 

Movement/Position: Lots of stretching from this little guy. He likes to press down with his head (not fun!) while pushing out his bum and pointing his heels.

Cravings: My mama just added a pear torte to our Christmas menu that looks divine. And cereal too. I think I could eat that all day long. Bring on the Crispix and Raisin Nut Bran!

Looking forward to: Holding my little guy for the first time. I’m not quite ready for birth, but I’m on the verge of not wanting to be pregnant anymore too. 

What Jemma thinks: “I think he will be born in, like, 10 days, maybe.” She told me this on the 19th, so I guess that puts Jem’s official guess as December 29th!

What Max thinks: “I don’t wike babies.” This has been the sad, new phrase this week. Pray for this soon-to-be big brother. 

Flashback —> 39 weeks with Jemma (SURPRISE!) and 39 weeks with Max

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