October Sponsor Deal

Did you know that October is mega birthday month around here? Yep, Mama and Sister both have birthdays in just a few days!  Mama turns 26 on the 5th and Jemma is celebrating her golden birthday – she’s turning 2 on the 2nd. Check out the sponsor options and jump on board. Don’t forget to […]

September Sponsor Love & GIVEAWAY DAY

It’s that time of the month! The time to honor all of my fabulous sponsors! Plus, if you scroll to the very bottom, you have the chance to enter a little giveaway! YAY! – – – – – About Whimsical Mumblings Whimsical Mumblings is basically a lifestyle blog. I am a 20 something girl from […]

Ode to My Sister

My baby sister and I were pretty much inseparable this summer. She was Jemma and I’s “Hannie Nanny” – the perfect helper, cook, and best friend. Sadly, she’s back at college now so texts, emails, surprise packages, and Skype are our main mode of communication. Speaking of surprise packages … someone may be getting one […]

Ready for a Time Saver? Meet Ubokia!

I’ve recently stumbled across a gem. It’s pretty much every busy mom’s dream and seeing that I’m feeling compelled to change my blog name to That Busy Mama Gretchen, you can understand that this is a match made in heaven! I’m talking about Ubokia. What is that you ask? Well, let me introduce you … […]

Road Trippin’ with Babies and Toddlers

A 2 hour snooze sure makes the miles fly by! Traveling with little ones, no doubt, takes a bountiful supply of grace and patience. We’ve had our fair share of travels by plane, train, and automobile with Jemma in tow … starting with a train trip at 3 weeks old, a plane at 1 year, […]

July Sponsor Love

Shop – Facebook I run a little shop that believes in BIG things. I believe that babies hold the “potential of an acorn” ~ that if they are nurtured and given just what they need, our littlest people will grow up strong and become something amazing! We also believe in the power of LESS…less waste…less […]

Adventures at Grocery Outlet

Remember my good ol’ friends at Grocery Outlet?  Well, I  took another Frugal Force visit to one of the G.O.s in our new town … AND LOVED IT! I loved it so much that I whipped up my first ever, legit video. This ain’t no vlog – this is a gen-u-ine video that I edited […]

Summer Sponsor Special

34 weeks today – craziness! As I ease into my babymoon you have the chance for a fantastic BUY ONE, GET TWO FREE SALE! That means you get three months of ad space for the price of uno – awesome! Ads are all through PassionFruit (which means it’s super easy)  Select a quantity of 3 […]

The Woes of Pregnancy Sleep

Thank you to ZzzQuil for sponsoring this post on what keeps me from having the best night sleep ever. Click here to save $2.00 on ZzzQuil. Pregnancy sleep is a fickle thing. Today at my midwife appointment my number one complaint was lack of sleep. Many days I opt to nap with Jemma for 2 […]