Little Letter Lover

In early December I was sitting at a stop sign and I heard Jemma whispering to herself. I tipped my head and listened closer and this is what I heard … “T-E-X-A-C-O”.  My baby was reciting her letters! During our errands that day I pointed out random signs with capital letters and she knew them […]

Boy Mama

This little man brings so  much joy to my heart. He is a constant source of snuggles and smiles and the bond growing between he and Jemma is absolutely darling. They are the sweetest brother and sister pair I know! Ever since he was born, I’ve believed that Max is a very old soul. Sometimes […]

Home Sweet Home

Buying a home ain’t no simple thing. Most days I’m still reeling a bit that this place is actually ours. I mean, aren’t we mere 20 year old love birds just graduating from college? Oh, no, that’s right, we’re turning 27 this year and have added two bambinos to our clan! Awhile back I mentioned […]

Short Hair for Mama + Max

I promise, as soon as I get my hair cut I’ll back way off on all this talk about my long hair woes and short hair ideas and how annoying my bangs have gotten and where-oh-where could my perfect hairdresser be … It’s just kind of consuming me right now. Every night I crawl into […]

Just Between Friends Favorites + Finds

Deals kind of make my heart go pitter patter.  Target sales? Love ’em! Goodwill score? Bring it on! Twice (or sometimes thrice!) a year consignment sales? Ohmygoodnessgracious, YES! JBF Olympia held a winter sale this past November and boy, did I make out like a bandit. Here’s a peek at a few of my favorite […]

Portland Friends: Don’t Miss the Just Between Friends

It’s consignment season, dear friends, and Just Between Friends (the premier baby, kid and maternity sale) is featuring all your favorite items! From nursery furniture to spring/summer clothing, you’re bound to find an amazing deal! JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS PORTLAND April 25th-28th Portland Expo Center, Hall A2060 N Marine DrivePortland, OR 97217 Check out the sale […]

Behind the Scenes of JBF

The other week I gave the 411 on my experience with Just Between Friends consignment sales. It’s Spring sale season and I couldn’t be more excited for the consigning and shopping adventures that are just around the corner! I thought it might be fun to give you a behind the scenes peek at the gal […]

Sweet Rice Porridge

Jemma has officially entered a new phase of toddler eating … picky! I’m willing that it passes soon! My sweet girl who used to inhale anything and everything has become quite opinionated about what graces her plate. There are only a few things I can count on for meal success right now and one of […]

Just Between Friends Consigning 101

I first fell in love with Just Between Friends when I was pregnant with Jemma. I’ve always been a thrifter, but welcoming a new baby was exactly the event I needed to let my shopping passion fly.  You see, Just Between Friends is the ultimate baby sale. It’s a cross between a garage sale and […]

The History of Four Eyes

It was the summer before 4th grade. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and my family and I were at a minor league baseball game. Not my favorite activity, but hey, what’s an eight year old to do other than tag along? My mama asked me the score of the game and a squinted […]

Shopping In My Pajamas

This week I ventured out solo two days in a row. Go me. Ever since we transitioned Max to his convertible car seat (Sunshine Radian for the win!) he has stopped screaming the moment his bum touches the seat. Huge sigh of relief and answer to 5 months of prayers. Harvesting veggies | Suction tunnel […]