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I run a little shop that believes in BIG things. I believe that babies hold the “potential of an acorn” ~ that if they are nurtured and given just what they need, our littlest people will grow up strong and become something amazing!
We also believe in the power of LESS…less waste…less toxins…less stuff…in everything we sell, we work torwards this goal. Whenever possible we re-purpose items to make something new, use organic materials, and package and ship using recycled materials.
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Exaltation jewelry is all about self-expression. Everyone has something to say – You can express it without having to utter a single word. Who are you? What’s important to you? What do you have to say? 
~~Wear it around your neck! ~~
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I’m Polly, a full time crafty mama to three beautiful kiddos. I blog daily at This Enchanted Pixie about our lives as a homeschooling family, my crafts and a little inspiration. I also design and create bohemian jewelery which i sell in my shop of the same name.
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FOTOstrap creates fashionable camera straps for any type of photographer. FOTO is also committed to giving and donates a portion of its proceeds to www.fotolanthropy.com. FOTOstraps are made in the USA and created with quality materials of 100% genuine leather, brass hardware and environmentally friendly duck fabric. The strap is vintage inspired and designed to compliment today’s fashion styles.The strap can also be monogrammed, which makes for the perfect gift! Add your name, monogram or even your business logo!

I first began my blog in April of last year as a way to document the end of my high school years. Now it has evolved to be about all things fashion and beauty related. I love to bake too and am hoping to include some more recipes on the blog soon along with some DIY projects. I am also obsessed with chevron and mint green, which you’ll see by my blog design! 

Discovery Street started with “discovery” of life as a newlywed and has evolved into the journey of life, with bits of pieces of DIY, recipes, travel, faith, pregnancy, and soon parenthood.

I am a fashion-loving, photo-taking, thrifty & tattooed mom of 2 wild & wacky kids blogging from a small farming community in Quebec, Canada! My blog is my place to share our stories and my loves!
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