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It’s no secret … I’m a thrifty mama. Not much can bring me to pay full price. Even some “sales” are not sale-y enough for me. That’s the truth. Hence, I sing the praises of Just Between Friends, the most amazing consignment event known to the mothering universe. I’ve shared about my experience before, twice in fact … here and here, and I still can’t get enough! Here’s a 30 second visual of JBF … just to get your blood pumping for the Fall Portland sale :)

During the Spring sale I scooped up treasures for girls AND boys since I had just found out that Max was going to be a Max. Some of my favorites included a stash of Thirsties cloth diapers and homemade woolies, a Tea dress for Jem, a brand new Halo slumber sack, handsome little tees for Max, Hanna Andersson jammies, practically perfect condition Keens, and two pairs of moccasins … because I’m slightly obsessed with mini mocs.
Now, here’s my bit of advice when budgeting for consignment sales. Because, let’s face it … we’re shopping JBF since we AREN’T made of money.
  1. Shop with a list – We all do this when grocery shopping, so obviously it makes sense to make a list when shopping at other potentially compulsive buying opportunities. Before starting your list, assess what you have, then you’ll know what you need. Done and done.
  2. Take a buddy – Shopping alone can be great. And relaxing. Especially when alone actually means ALONE (aka – no children). But, I’ve found that I can save a bit by having a shopping buddy by my side. They help me gauge the cuteness factor on clothes, sort the essentials from the non-essentials, and stick to the list. They can also encourage the occasional splurge because you are bound to find the perfect thing you didn’t know you needed at JBF! I know this from experience :)
  3. Consign to fund your shop – When I first learned about JBF I chalked it up to the best bi-annual shopping experience of my life. Sadly, I realized I didn’t have $200+ available on a whim twice a year. Problem. Then I did some simple addition and determined I could CONSIGN at JBF as well as shop! JBF Shopper + JBF Consignor = That Mama Gretchen. I rock at math :) My consignment check from the spring sale could fund my shopping for the fall and my fall consignment check could fund my shopping for the spring … and on and on and on and on. SWEET!
What do you think? Solid advice? What other tips would you add when budgeting for consignment sales? And, while you chime in, be sure to mark your calendars for all the upcoming Just Between Friends events in the Pacific Northwest!
JBF Lynnwood | September 13-15
JBF Bremerton | September 13-16
JBF Portland | September 14-16
JBF Salem | September 28-29
JBF Seattle Renton | September 28-30
JBF Tacoma | October 18-21

This post was sponsored by JBF Portland!
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  1. Anna Heath says

    So will you be coming down for the Portland sale? It's been on my calendar since the last one. :) And as of last night, my list is ready to go! I always take a buddy so we can split the cost of parking too (ultimate thriftiness!) Other tips: take your own bags/wagon to cart everything back to your car. And bring water and snacks if you're the kind of person who needs sustenance while power shopping. :)

  2. Caitlin E. says

    Know (or be) a foster Mommy! In my case, I'll be heading out with Abbie. We get in a day early. Score! I was so overwhelmed (and pregnant) at the last one…I'll have to bring a list this time for sure.

  3. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Yes! Foster moms, new moms, and teachers all get in early! WOOHOO!

  4. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Splitting parking and snacks/drinks are absolute musts at JBF, I agree! It's our plan to make it down … I'm hoping I feel up to it :)