Home Sweet Home

So, we didn’t build a house like we had planned. But, we did buy a house! It’s such a long, tumultuous story. Maybe one day I’ll share it all. But the good news is, we’re home and someday, we’ll be settled. We’re tired and happy. We just got our Christmas tree today and the silverware […]

Building News!

We think we have found property to build on! A quaint little acre with trees and a peek at the port. Everything is so “maybe” with it all … until it’s not, I guess. Which is exactly why Dominic is begging me to be just hesitantly excited. But I can’t help it. I’M EXCITED! We’ve been […]

If This Is Home

I shared this on Instagram the other week after one of our “searching for property” drives that have become our Saturday morning tradition as of late. Along with a Starbucks americano with extra steamed cream and 2 pumps white mocha and 2 pumps cinnamon dolce (so so good, try it!). It’s so fun and so […]

Progress & Permanence

Lately we’ve accomplished a few projects that are really making us feel settled. It has been coming slowly because we’ve been doing other boring house things like installing a garage door opener, addings window screens, placing curtain rods, buying appliances (also known as necessary money pits) and having a front door peep hole added. It’s […]

Hello 2013

Well hello there middle of January! How did we already find ourselves here? Slow start on the 2013 resolutions I suppose. Oops. Regardless, to keep myself accountable, here’s the list. Plan Max a special birthday. I know things between my first and second child will never be equal, but I’m doing my best to make […]

Welcome Home

We haven’t completely given up on our property. But, the truth is, it has been 9 months since our offer was accepted and we still don’t have the needed variance, let alone a building permit. We don’t know if we’ll ever get one. Thank you county for dragging your feet. Last month we began perusing […]

Collection /// Number That House

zero | one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine Little things make a house a home. Wouldn’t you agree? Things like a potted plant on the front porch and pretty curtains peeking out of the windows. Things like house numbers with character. I’m partial to […]

F-A-M-I-L-Y is Everywhere

I wish I had some fancy news about the new house. But I don’t. If I had the emotional energy I would explain all the bumps we’ve run in to with the county. But I don’t have that either. Rather than harp on the lack of progress I’ve been choosing to focus on something better. […]

The Gathering Place

Before Dominic and I welcomed little ones into our family we were AWFUL at eating meals together at the dining table. We’d fly in from long days at work and crash in front of the TV with whatever slow cooker or leftover meal I pulled together. I’ll admit, the lack of dining table experience was […]