Just Between Friends Favorites + Finds

Deals kind of make my heart go pitter patter. 
Target sales? Love ’em!
Goodwill score? Bring it on!
Twice (or sometimes thrice!) a year consignment sales? Ohmygoodnessgracious, YES!
JBF Olympia held a winter sale this past November and boy, did I make out like a bandit. Here’s a peek at a few of my favorite finds from the last sale. And, I’ll even give you a peek at my shopping list for this upcoming sale if you promise not to steal all my treasures :)
 I spy JBF treasures! Jemma’s bike, leg warmers, and boots, my (and obviously Max’s) favorite Maya Wrap, and those darling Hanna Andersson pj’s that will easily transition to Max someday! I didn’t notice at first, but the woodland bouncer on the far right is from JBF too – only $12!
Cloud B Turtle – $10
These suckers are expensive! Like $30! The one I found at JBF was a third of the price and still in the box, um, obvious purchase. Jemma loves “Turtle” like no other. She has even entertained Max in our under stair mini room with Turtle and his shining stars. 
Nursing Tanks – 2/$5
I always skim the maternity section at consignment sales. Even if I’m not with child. That’s usually where the nursing tanks are and at $20+ a pop regular price I’m always on the look out for a deal. Last sale? I found a set of two for only $5! Granted, one had a mini bleach stain on it, but hello, I sleep in them so it didn’t phase me one bit. And the price? Can’t be beat! I may also be guilty of picking up maternity clothes here and there – I know my Liz Lange maternity sizes during pregnancy and when a comfy tee is only a few dollars I’ll pick it up and add it to my maternity clothes tub in the garage.
Clothes + Shoes
The majority of Jemma and Max’s apparel comes from consignment sales. All the pictures I share, yep, most likely featuring consignment finds. I look for brand names and fun styles and always walk away with a little stash of I-wish-these-were-my-size outfits at a fraction of their original price. Most recently, a Columbia jacket for Max ($6), brand new looking Toms for Jem to grow in to ($11), a fox tee for Jem to wear now and then pass on to Max ($2) and best of all, Hanna Andersson pajamas ($4)!
Maya Wrap – $25
Consignment sales are the place to stock up on babywearing extras. Know what you are looking for and their resale price point and you are set. I snagged my *cough* third Maya Wrap at the last sale and couldn’t be happier! 
Birthday Presents + Gifts
Jemma and Max will never know, but I do most of their gift shopping at consignment sales. Right now, I have a tub in the garage with a Melissa and Doug magnet wood princess set ($3), Tonka trucks (5/$5), a mix of puzzles ($1-$5)  and a puppet theater ($8). They are all in great to perfect condition and while saving me a bit of dough I feel like I’m doing my part in the great toy recycling effort :)
Bike – $12
The little bike pictured above retails for $78 on Amazon. Seventy eight!!! We use it on our strolls to get the mail and Jem is a big fan. On that note, all our large outdoor toys have come from JBF.
And now, just in case you’re curious, this sale I’ll be shopping for …
  • Robeez for Max – His little feet are so pudgy on the top, hardly any shoes fit him
  • Rain boots for Jem – She loves putting on her own shoes and these are definitely the easiest style for her to manage
  • Basic hoodies – I have a craft project in mind :)
  • Calico Critters – This is more something I’m crossing my fingers and hoping to find to tuck away as a birthday gift for Jemma
  • Nursing tanks – always
  • Tunic tops – Jemma is a long waisted girl and shirts are sometimes short on her, plus she doesn’t really like wearing stiff pants so when we get out of our pajamas she’s usually in a tunic/legging combo
What have been some of your best consignment finds? 
This post was sponsored by Just Between Friends Olympia. I hope you are able to attend and consign at the sale on April 26-28, 2013. Register here and like JBF Olympia on Facebook. If you aren’t in the area, but still want to participate in JBF, search for the closest sale to you here.
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  1. Bianca T says

    My favorite find from the JBF sale I just volunteered at: brand new baby Keens for $8. I've been on the lookout for Penny since last summer. Sadly, they're a size 8 so she's got a while to grow into them. Another favorite find? a pretty realistic Tonka semi truck complete with trailer (an obvious purchase since my husband is an engineer for Paccar semi trucks!). Love me some JBF – and I CANNOT wait for the Olympia one!!!