Short Hair for Mama + Max

I promise, as soon as I get my hair cut I’ll back way off on all this talk about my long hair woes and short hair ideas and how annoying my bangs have gotten and where-oh-where could my perfect hairdresser be … It’s just kind of consuming me right now. Every night I crawl into bed thinking, “Why didn’t I make a hair appointment today?” And then I think, Oh, that’s right, I was about to make that call and them Max pooped (or had “stinksy poot” as Jemma calls it), and Jemma wanted more applesauce and my Mom texted me and we were leaving the house for errands while I was trying to get part of dinner prepped. That’s why. 
But, today’s the day. No matter what. I think I’ve found someone who can do the Locks of Love deed and give me a chic shorter cut. And although she costs a bit more than I’d normally spend on my hair I’m going to take the plunge. Dominic gave me the thumps up for my investment probably because out of everyone he is the most tired of hearing about my hair drama and just wants to get the process over and done with.

While I’m on a roll with freshening up my look for spring. I’m also going to schedule my second Stitch Fix as a little mama’s day pressie to myself! You should treat yourself too! Feeling nervous about my hair cut, but not so much about my Stitch Fix. I loved my last one!

I’m really hoping I don’t regret getting my hair cut short, especially after watching this voluminous waves tutorial. But, if I want to pass any lesson on to Jemma and Max, it’s that hair grows, so we needn’t worry when our hairs get trimmed. And if that isn’t a meaningful lesson to pass on to the next generation of young people, I don’t know what is!
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And, just to emphasize the adorableness of trimmed up hair and further convince myself to follow through with making my appointment here’s a peek at Max’s first real haircut. I know I was lamenting about it earlier, but it’s totally growing on me!

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  1. says

    My hair was down to my waist and had been long for about 5 years. I had my twins in September and got the haircut in November. I went for a lob, angled longer in the front. Since then I've also gotten bangs, which I do and regret about every three years or so! But as fr as chopping it off, my main driving factor was this: accepting that I don't have "wash and wear" hair. So if I have to blow dry it for it to look good, it may as well be shorter and take less time. (Of course I still only blow dry about once a week!) good luck with your cut!

  2. says

    his haircut is seriously the cutest ever! i am so glad we got to play this week!