Little Letter Lover

In early December I was sitting at a stop sign and I heard Jemma whispering to herself. I tipped my head and listened closer and this is what I heard … “T-E-X-A-C-O”. 
My baby was reciting her letters!
During our errands that day I pointed out random signs with capital letters and she knew them all! I didn’t really believe it, but I kept quizzing her and sure enough. Girlfriend had a pretty good handle on her ABCs. I text my Mom who teaches kindergarten and she quickly scolded me saying that I shouldn’t be one of those moms wishing for an early reader. I promised her I didn’t teach her … she just knew TEXACO and it was all down hill from there. Later, we deduced that she had watched a LeapFrog Alphabet movie and most likely picked up on her letters from that.
Since, she’s learned her lower case letters and seeing that she seems to have a real knack and interest in letters I’ve slowly been adding some alphabet activities into our daily life. 
Our next little project is learning some sequences of letters, starting with her name. Now, I promise I have no intention of pushing reading or writing, but as she shows interest, I figure I’ll go along with it. And really, she’s 2, so her interest in things is super touch and go. One minute it’s letters, the next dinosaurs, and the next she’s climbing on “Mama horsie” and coaxing me to gallop around the living room. So, we’ll see how long we can sit still and focus :)

The arrival of Ah!Natural Baby‘s 15 piece Speller Blocks was just perfect for our latest letter game. Jemma is learning the first of many important words and I’m happy knowing that this set of blocks will last us far into our homeschooling years. Plus, these handcrafted blocks are about a billion times sturdier, not to mention more beautiful, than letter flash cards. Can I get an “Amen!” on that? Plus, Ah!Natural Baby products are made in the USA from Pacific Northwest grown and harvested wood and then sealed with beeswax and grapeseed oil. So there is no need for worry when Max jumps into our letter game and starts gnawing on a block.
To encourage your little ones to love their letters and learn their names, Ah!Natural Baby is giving away a set of custom blocks spelling your child’s first name. These are a bit different than the Speller Blocks as all sides are the same letter, but if you’d like to order the Speller Blocks you can save 25% with the coupon code “Natural”! Enter through the Rafflecopter below before May 7th …

Believe it or not, but one of the brother’s behind Ah!Natural Baby and I went to grade school and high school together! What a small world it is when blogging and small business ownership bring people together again! In exchange for chattin’ up Ah!Natural Baby’s Speller Blocks and other awesome products I was gifted a set of Speller Blocks; no other compensation was exchanged. Thank you so much for supporting the businesses that bless my family and I.
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