New Life for Old Tees

I’ve been doing a thorough cleanse of all the “random” I keep finding as I unpack. If it doesn’t have a purpose — it’s gone! Of course, Pinterest ideas have been in the back of my mind during this random cleanse and I’ve designated one box for supplies that will aid in some future craft […]

This Place Is Home

The keys. They are in our hands and everything is official. This place is home! We met our realtor at the house on Friday evening for the key hand off and celebrated with scrumptious wood fire pizza from a food truck around the corner. I’m officially obsessed with one of the pizzas – white sauce, […]

Hello 2013

Well hello there middle of January! How did we already find ourselves here? Slow start on the 2013 resolutions I suppose. Oops. Regardless, to keep myself accountable, here’s the list. Plan Max a special birthday. I know things between my first and second child will never be equal, but I’m doing my best to make […]

Dinosaur Toothbrush Holder

You know when you see a project that must be done? For me, it usually falls into two categories: easy + something Jemma would love. Dinosaur toothbrush holders were one such project for me. I ran across the idea in Parenting Magazine and knew Jemma and all her little friends would be fans. I mean, […]

Toddler Eats | Paperbag Popcorn

Here’s another fun snack for your toddler – plus, it’s one of those no-mess treats they can help prepare. Win-win! I hope you’ll join me for all the installments of TODDLER EATS! If you have a favorite toddler recipe, I’d love to feature you – just email me at – – – – – […]

Love Aunt Hannie

Jemma and Max’s aunties have made it a tradition to sew them blankets when they are born. Aunt Hannah initially decorated Max’s baby shower with this fabric and before she left for college she whipped it up into this snuggly blanket. Max has developed quite the affinity for diaper only time while wrapped in minky […]

F-A-M-I-L-Y is Everywhere

I wish I had some fancy news about the new house. But I don’t. If I had the emotional energy I would explain all the bumps we’ve run in to with the county. But I don’t have that either. Rather than harp on the lack of progress I’ve been choosing to focus on something better. […]

Blurb Book Love

As of late, I’ve been a little obsessed with preserving our family’s memories. Call it a bout of postpartum emotions or the mother bear within me. Whatever it is, it is alive and well. Baby books, journals, scrapbooks, this blog … I’m barely keeping up with logging memories as we make them. The smiles, silly […]