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I had so much feedback about our green smoothie success! I wanted to share all the veggie ideas in one post in case you didn’t catch all the comments …

Strawberrycurls4 shared:

  • Bolthouse Farms Green Goodess (I’ve seen this at Safeway, Fred Meyer, and Whole Foods … I’m sure it’s at many other grocery stores too!)
  • Blend – Pineapple juice, spinach and a few drops of peppermint

Lactating Girl shared:

  • We go by a method I found a while back where you add a thickening fruit (e.g. bananas, mango, apple), a flavor fruit (e.g. pineapple, strawberries, orange), spinach (literally 3-4 cups) and ice.

Heatherbeaudreau shared:

  • Blend – Unsweetened almond milk, Trader Joe’s chocolate hemp protein powder, flax seed, chopped frozen spinach or frozen peas, and banana

Carey shared:

  • Blend – Avocado, banana, and orange juice

Jamie shared:

  • Hummus – add some spinach leaves, lemon zest, and basil to premade hummus (or make your own), puree, and serve.
  • PB&J – grate some raw carrot onto the peanut butter b/4 serving.
  • Smoothies – add raw spinach leaves and use carrot juice (you can make your own really easily; do a search online for a recipe). Add 1/2 a banana, some berries, and yogurt and blend.
  • Pancakes – peel & dice a carrot. Steam in the mircowave until soft. Puree. Add to the pancake batter.
  • Applesauce – do the same as the pancake recipe, but add the pureed carrrots to the applesauce instead.
  • Mac N Cheese – same as pancakes, but add pureed carrots or sweet potatoes to the cheese sauce. It turns an awesome bright orange color.
  • Scrambled Eggs – grate some raw carrot, zuchinni, or cauliflower in the uncooked eggs, add cheese and scramble over low heat. 

Thank you ladies for all the fabulous ideas – I can’t wait to add them into our menu! If I didn’t link to your blog and you have one just shoot me an email – thatmamagretchen{at}gmail{dot}com.

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