Star Worthy V.7

  • I love reading about other mama’s diapering systems – Jenny shared about some great new brands I haven’t yet tried!
  • Ok, this is a bit late – but who doesn’t want a little holiday all throughout the year? A holiday must-have recipe from Deanna!
  • “A parent’s authority is one of purpose, leadership, and teaching.” I really enjoyed The Hippie Housewife’s posts on the Bible’s “rod” verses.
  • Have you seen The Pioneer Woman’s TV show on Food Network – it’s a must. Like watching a blog in real like. I love that lady!
  • I got an amazing silhouette of Jemma from Out Of Alabaster – Lindsey has so much talent!!!
  • Boho Mama whipped up her our moisturizer, definitely want to give this a try.
  • Awesome Brooke recently tagged me, I loved learning more about her and need to get on my response!
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