Prayers for Jake | A Story of Surrogacy & Faith

It’s with a heavy heart that I begin typing today. You see, since August I’ve been praying on the sidelines of a dear friend’s surrogacy journey. But, this story is unlike many you hear – this story is from Sarah’s* perspective. The beautiful mama who opened up her heart and her womb to help another […]

Five Minutes’ Peace

When I wrote this post for Anktangle, Miss Jemma was at an all-time high of  “I need mama and I need her now!” If I’ve learned anything, I’ve learned  this comes in waves and we always recover. I hope you like reading about one of my treasured childhood books and how it’s translated to me […]

{GUEST POST} Dominic’s Birth Story

After my mama wrote my birth story for my birthday, Dominic’s mom offered to write his birth story! I’m so excited to have both of our stories logged away for posterity’s sake. I didn’t want to wait until May to publish Dom’s story, so in celebration of his half birthday I’m posting it today. Thanks […]

My Sister’s Weddings

I initially wrote this post for Danielle of Danfredo Rivera when she was on her honeymoon! It’s all about wedding love and how I just adore weddings. Dominic, always jokes with me that I’m just a lover of love. And it’s true! Weddings and all they represent are just so lovely!  – – – – […]

I’m a Real Housewife

Have you discovered Savannah Smiles? It’s a pretty fabulous place full of encouragement and joy. Earlier this year Savannah started a feature called The Real Housewives Project which is totally real and awesome! In March, I shared my two cents – hope you like checking out my dirty dishes :) Just keepin’ it real! – […]

{GUEST POST} Relief from Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Kari and I met in college and proceeded to become wonderful friends – we spent countless hours  working together on business projects and if I know anything about Kari, it’s that she is a beautiful spirit and a steadfast researcher. Her story doesn’t surprise me one bit and I know that her research will be […]

{GUEST POST} How to Be an Attachment Aunt

My baby sister and I last lived together when she was 12 and I was 18. That all changed this summer when she was home from college and Dominic, Jemma, and I moved into my parent’s home during our house building adventure. Hannah climbed the stairs for my tired pregnant self countless times and acted […]

{GUEST POST} Toddler Eats | A Balanced Diet

Toddler Eats is a fun little series where I dive head first into the facts, figures, and tricks of feeding a toddler. I’ll also be including quite a few recipe ideas specifically for our little sweethearts – ranging from the baby-led weaning stage through preschool. If you have a recipe (with photos) you’d like to […]