The Name Game IS BACK!

Here is my ongoing list that I’ll add to until we reach perfection … true to my awesome child naming style you might gasp at some options, but never fear, hubby will probably veto those ones anyway :)


This is what I’m looking for … maybe something British (to go with Jemma) and something that doesn’t end in an “a”. Some of these do, but they could work as a middle name or I could keep it ’round for #3.
  • Cecily
  • Luna
  • Bellamy (Belle)
  • Verity
  • Blythe
  • Ivy
  • Reverie
  • Hattie
  • Orla
  • Petra
  • Violet
  • Imogen
  • Truly
  • Story
  • Rose Paloma
  • Harbor


I obviously want something unique, but it has to be normal enough for Dom. I keep getting inspired by last names turned first names. I like names that end in “er”, but not normal ones you hear around, see Fletcher below as a more unique example :)
  • Holden
  • Crew
  • Fletcher
  • Graham
  • Reid
  • West
  • Foster
  • Max
  • Flynn
  • Eli
Middle name will be after a family member. If we have a 2nd girl it’s very likely that her middle name will be Katherine after my sister, Katie. I like this option because Katie is the 2nd girl in my family and this would be our 2nd girl – get it? So, keep that in mind with girl names. I’m really loving Story Katherine, but Dom doesn’t. I like Ivy Katherine (Jemma and Ivy SOUNDS FREAKIN ADORABLE), but haven’t pitched that to Dom. Cecily could also work.

Boys just baffle me – I have the hardest times with boy names. Today I like Graham (but if you recall, Dom hates “G” names), West and Foster. I would consider Wesley/Wes, but some close friends  have always loved that name and I don’t want to steal. Plus, West is more unique (and therefore more likely for Dom to veto). Foster is just amazing – it sounds little boy and grandpa all at the same time. Jemma and Foster sound like a sweet duo. Middle name for a little man will most likely be Valentine after my grandpa Edgar Valentine. Perhaps Dean after Dominic’s Dad … we’ll see what flows best :)

Ok, that’s the start of the name game. Now excepting submissions :)

P.S. This is THE BEST naming blog EVA!

P.S.S. It was my Daddy’s birthday yesterday – Happy Birthday Dad!!!

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  1. says

    I love love love love love Hattie for a girl and LOVE Reid for a boy! You guys have some awesomely unique names here! You can't go wrong with these!

  2. Bianca Tarleton says

    As soon as I saw that you were going to go with British names, I was going to suggest Verity. It's unique for us Americans but you see it more in the UK. I came across it when we were booking some of our excursions for our trip last year and the agent's name was Verity, I asked her more about it ;) Also love the names Fletcher, Foster, West and Reid. I agree that boys names are harder! We have our firsts boys' name picked out, but I'm at a total loss if we end up having 2 boys. I've already started planning for girl #2 ;)

  3. says

    Imogen is a super sweet name. I like Reid a lot, too, like the commenters below. Even though I'm not close to thinking about #2 yet, I still daydream about baby names…it's like an addiction!

  4. says

    orla and Luna are 2 of my faves, unfortunately we used to gave a dog named Luna so I don't if I could ever use it on a baby lest people think i'm naming after the dog! I saw the name farrow on the yccii blog the other day and my heart kind of stopped… Boy or girl, it's great.

  5. says

    I LOVE Story for a girl. So sweet! Crew for a boy is good, too. What fun. I love baby names and the whole naming process. It's so fun to hear about what people decide on and why. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop. :)

  6. says

    Oh I love the name game!! And I love all your names!! It's funny I REALLY love the name Holden – for a particular reason. My hubs and I met through a mutual friend (his best friend) who ended up being our Best Man and who's last name is Holden. So I looove the name Holden Monahan, since this friend has REALLY been there for us through it all. But hubs doesn't like it all since he's from a really small town so this friend's last name would be recognized through the entire town, and essentially be mistaken for being named after that entire family. lol. Oh the fun of names!!

  7. Rebecca says

    I love this! I love your way of narrowing down names, I love your logic, and mostly i LOVE the names you are considering. Im still playing the name game… I'm so indecisive! Better make a decision soon because little man will be here before i know it!

  8. Lifewiththehux says

    Truly & Crew….SWOON. Makes me want MORE.xo,hb