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With our gender reveal announcement mere days away I’ve started mulling over names again. I really haven’t put much effort into names this pregnancy since we decided pretty early on that we wanted to find out our baby’s gender. Names are such a battle with Dominic that I didn’t want to waste my time on pushing for the perfect girl name if in fact, the wee one is a boy. Feel me?

But, I can’t help but jot down my favorites … it’s in my blood :) So much so, I used to think the perfect job would be to become a Cabbage Patch name giver. Then my parents informed me that computers most likely randomly generated those names. Squashed dreams I tell you.

Rosalie Paloma
Could be Rose Paloma too, but I think we would call her Rosie either way
Story Katherine
I also love Ivy Katherine
Violet Valentina
This would keep the alliteration going as we already have Jemma Janell
Rory August
I like August as a first name too, we would call him Gus
Eli Valentine
Valentine is my favorite boy’s middle name after my Grandpa who passed away when I was 4 months old

 Alrighty, tomorrow is the big day for our ultrasound and the gender reveal party with family is on Saturday. I’ll share here as soon as I can :)
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  1. says

    i love all of the names, but i think i like eli valentine and story katherine the best. :) i know a little girl named story, and i absolutely love it!

  2. Jennifer Hall says

    How are you gonna keep it a secret for a few days? I'll be shouting it from the rooftop. Lol can't wait ot hear what you are having.

  3. says

    We seriously considered Rosalie. I absolutely love the name, but I couldn't get past the fact that it was one of the characters in Twilight. Turned out my husband wasn't so hot on it anyway, so it was out. :-/