Pregnancy Discomfort? Start a Rebozo Routine!

Around 30 weeks I started experiencing quite a bit of lower back and pelvis discomfort. I’m stiff when walking and at night my pelvis pops when I roll from side to side. My little one is getting bigger and seeing that this is my second pregnancy in 2 years I assume my body is reacting quicker to the pregnancy relaxin.

The other week our midwife recommends starting a rebozo routine to help with my aches and pains. During my appointment, Dominic got a little lesson and well, now we’re rebozo pros :)

The rebozo is a Mexican scarf with multiple purposes – relieving pregnancy discomfort is just one of them. It can also be used during labor as a means to reduce pain and reposition a baby for easier childbirth. Later, it’s a perfect babywearing wrap.

We’ll definitely be taking our wrap to brother’s birth to try it out as a birthing tool as well. I’m so thankful Dominic is on board with all my natural remedies during pregnancy and childbirth. Luckily, he’s also a supporter of a prenatal massage here and there. He’s sending me to one today! Massage in combination with our daily rebozo dates make me one happy pregnant mama.

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  1. says

    last night was the first night i may have needed this…i was SO uncomfortable…looks interesting!

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Definitely give it a try! It really helps me!

  3. mrsbonnbonn says

    I'm totally going to try this. With my second pregnancy i had the pelvis popping and discomfort very early. i got pregnant again when my baby was about 7 months old, and the doc said if it happened with the last pregnancy, then it would probably happen with this one too, and let me tell you at 18 weeks I'm already feeling it! thanks

  4. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I'm guessing it's one of those things that gets worse with each pregnancy since our bodies so quickly remember the growth and stretching that happens during pregnancy.

  5. Hannah says

    This cracked me up because I always ask Ricky to hold up my belly :) I will stand in front of him while he sits on the couch and props up the belly for awhile. It's amazing how much relief you get! We laugh about him holding the baby for me for a second :)

  6. ThatMamaGretchen says

    It's does feel great! It's the least they can do to hold the baby for a few minutes when we take on the load for months :)

  7. Rebecca Wright says

    Brilliant! I <3 rebozos, and what they can do! Thanks so much for sharing this info in such an accessible way. As a doula, it's something I always like to share with the couples I work with…and so many mamas are surprised at what a difference it makes! I'll definitely be passing this on. Thank you!

  8. ThatMamaGretchen says

    It really does make a difference! I'm glad you'll be able to share with other mamas!

  9. Kinzey says

    How long do you do this is each position? I’m 24 weeks and my little girl is in a breech position and I’ve been told that this will help spin her in the right place. I’m hopefully getting a rebozo for Christmas, so I’m just curious as to what I can do to help. Thank you. Love the music choice for this video!

    • Gretchen says

      I’d do it every night for 5-10 minutes :)