Waterbirth Statistics

If this doesn’t affirm my excitement for a waterbirth I don’t know what will!Hip Chick Pregnancy Guide wrote …The following are some interesting statistics about waterbirthing. The women had shorter labors Cervical dilation was more efficient – 2.5 cm/hour compared with 1.25cm/hour for mothers who did not take advantage of water during their labors The […]

Protein Ideas

I have a pretty solid list of proteins that I’ve been incorporating each day, but I ran across this list and liked some of the new ideas. No, liver wasn’t one of them :) Milk shakes: from non-fat dry milk(reconstituted), ice, and flavorings. Roasted soy nuts: buy in health food store or make your own. […]


This nutrition stuff is crazy. So much to remember and fit into my daily diet so I am properly providing for my little one. Bradley highly recommends salt being added into pregnant mama’s diets (this recommendation comes from Dr. Brewer who wrote The Brewer Medical Diet for Normal and High-Risk Pregnancy).Here is a teaspoon (or […]

Vaccine Research

I’m attacking the bear that is vaccines. Unchartered territory for this mama! So far I plan to read The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears. Haven’t started yet, but it is high on my list of things to do. Review the Danish Childhood Vaccination Schedule which my sister recommended. Attend a vaccination education class being offered […]

Uncle of the Year & Crib Drama

Baby’s Uncle Anton has been on the safety watch. This morning he forwarded a crib recall announcement to Dominic so we could make sure our crib was safe. Before we got our crib I checked all the recall notices and we were good to go. Unfortunately, 2 days ago our Simmons crib was recalled :( […]

The story on big families

I have an awesome friend who is expecting her 7th child. She is an amazing mother who loves her children like crazy and has raised them to be independent thinkers white contributing to society in a postive way. She is like my big sister in many ways and guess what, just like all little sisters […]

When Baby Eats

I pretty much have the menu for baby’s first 6-9 months figured out (breastmilk), but after that I feel like I am tossed into a whirlwind of choices. What to foods to start with and when … When to introduce new things … The organic dilemma … Avoiding choking hazards … {fear ensues} All while […]