Vaccines, Part 5: Preventing Reactions

At the end of Dr. Hoffmann-Smith’s vaccination class he gave parents 8 questions to help prevent vaccine reactions. I felt like this was really helpful information since I think we’ll end up pursuing some of the recommended vaccines. Dr. Hoffmann-Smith believes many vaccine reactions aren’t reported which then skews statistics and doesn’t alert the public […]

Enjoy Birth

Whenever I need a dose of encouragement or an informative article about birth I turn to Enjoy Birth. It is a serious blessing to have such a great resource at my fingertips! This week the author, Sheridan (mom of 3), posted a list of recent articles she has come across. Two of my favorite links were What […]

Car Seat Installation

We are about ready to get a new, family-size car. Well, new to us at least :) You know what that means? It’s about time to get the car seat out of the box and get it properly installed! Thanks to Fit Pregnancy I have a guide to hand over to Dominic for the big event. Here […]

Vaccines, Part 3: The Schedule(s)

Before I get into each different vaccine and what we learned at the seminar I thought it might be valuable to post all the potential schedules you can follow. Researching vaccines is much more of “to vaccinate or not to vaccinate”. It is that and then “what vaccines and when”. The American Academy of Pediatrics […]

Vaccines, Part 1: Seminar and Perspectives of Approach

Part of becoming a parent is being blasted with information. Imagine Midwest hail storm – golf ball size hail. That’s how it feels. I am literally darting for cover on a daily basis. Most of this is probably from my current ability to become extremely overwhelmed (thank you pregnancy hormones); other bit probably comes from […]