A Midwife’s Perspective: Labor and Birth in the Water

I thoroughly enjoyed this narrative by Jill Cohen, a midwife from the Pacific Northwest. I loved this part of her reflection …

For me, the rewards of using water in labor and birth is summed up in that magic sound of relief in a woman’s moan as she enters the warm water, and the magic moment as baby comes forth with that peaceful look that tells me the passage has been safe and gentle.

That is my prayer for my birth … safe and gentle.
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    Thanks for sharing! This encouraged me to do more research on water births, which I have been considering for awhile now.

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    This narrative is a beautiful description of birth….and you, Gretchen, will have your own beautiful, safe and gentle birth. I am so excited that you have chosen to give birth in water. For anyone who knows you well, and your love for the bath…there could be no other way to introduce your baby to the world:)

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    I was so happy to find your post through the Picket Fence blog list. Birth is one of my favorite topics! You have definitely chosen the best way to give birth. I read Jill Cohen's article when it was 1st published and I was planning for my 2nd waterbirth. Out of my 6 births, my last 3 were wonderful, peaceful waterbirths. Also completely unassisted. If you'd like you can read more on my homebirth page here: http://raisingfutureleaders.blogspot.com/p/homebirth.html