A Note from World Vision

Thanks to the sheep given in your name through World Vision, an impoverished family will soon have wool for soft, warm, and long-lasting clothes. Sheep often give birth to twins or triplets, which can be sold at the market for added income–and their milk is up to twice as rich as cow’s milk in nutrients […]

We’ve bought a sheep leg so far …

I’ve heard from a few of you about buying a sheep together through World Vision’s Christmas Gift Catalog! Thank you! I’m seriously so excited to be doing this together!!! We’ve got $15 donated so far and from the sound of it a few more donations will be trickling in over the weekend. Have you had […]

Wool Week Winners and something to consider …

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support during Wool Week! I hope you all had as much fun as I did learning about wool! I used random.org to select each of the Wool Week giveaway winners … here they are! Paper Bag Owl Company Amy Reiswig Nana’s Knickers Scott and Jamie Durham […]

Wool Week Giveaways – LAST CHANCE!

Is it just me or are you totally enraptured with wool? I mean, how can you not love this little woolie booty! Tomorrow night (November 8th) at 9pm PST, I’ll be announcing the giveaway winners.  Don’t forget to enter and if you would, share the wool love on Facebook and Twitter so others can learn […]

Wool Giveaway: Flora Gayle

I love that Amanda from the shop, Flora Gayle, offers not only wool, but teething necklaces, wet bags, and wool dryer balls! Pretty much the one-stop-shop for so many of a mamas necessities! Here’s a bit more about Flora Gayle .. Welcome to Flora Gayle, the place for an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to high […]

Extra Wool Supplies for Cloth Diapering

I’m thrilled to have Lauren from Hobo Mama joining us for Wool Week! Because, you guessed it, wool doesn’t stop working its’ magic with diapering. Lauren’s here to give us the scoop on some more wool wonders … I’m a huge fan of wool for cloth diapering. My favorite diapering setup is a prefold with […]

Wool Giveaway: Three Happy Trees

Mandi is the sweet mama behind Three Happy Trees. I’m absolutely in love with her scented lanolin – nothing like making diaper time smell a little bit better :) Best of all, Mandi and I found a special bond since we both decorated our nurseries in a forest theme! Here’s a bit more about her […]

DIY Wool Covers

If I were a sewing genius I would write up my own wool cover tutorial. But, since that isn’t even close to true I want to share a few of the wonderful tutorials already out there. Born to Love – Baby Bum Sweater Pattern  Understanding Laura – Make Your Own Favorite Longies The Sewing Dork […]

This Mama Loves Wool!

Hi! Rachael here, from Letters to Ames.  I’ve currently got three in diapers, and I’ve definitely got mad love for the wool! my two favorite things about wool: It always smells good. No matter what my kids put out (it can get pretty gruesome)… when I’m peeling off their longies to change their diapers, the wool still […]

Wool Giveaway: The WOOly Owl

Alissa of The WOOly Owl has a passion for wool! I mean, who wouldn’t after learning about all the wonders of wool? Here’s the scoop on her shop … The WOOly Owl reclaims natural wool fibers and sews exclusively with lovely certified organic cotton knits, providing upcycled wOOl alternatives for cOnscience families.In my own personal […]

Wool Giveaway: Milk Made Momma

Milk Made Momma first joined the blog earlier this year when I had the opportunity to review some of her fabulous cloth wipes. Those awesome wipes are still in rotation! Milk Made Momma is back to share some much needed wool accessories with all you wool lovers — soap and lanolin! With all our new […]