This Mama Loves Wool!

Hi! Rachael here, from Letters to Ames
I’ve currently got three in diapers, and I’ve definitely got mad love for the wool!
my two favorite things about wool:
It always smells good. No matter what my kids put out (it can get pretty gruesome)… when I’m peeling off their longies to change their diapers, the wool still smells like my wash – white tea & ginger. Sometimes I can’t even believe it. It makes diapers changes a little less yucky.
It allows skin to breathe. We especially like wool for overnight… my boy is a great sleeper, and he sometimes goes thirteen hours in the same dipe. Although he’s occasionally dry upon waking, he usually has a dirty diaper in the morning. He’s also got sensitive skin, so I am thankful to have discovered wool covers. They moisture-wick and can absorb almost half their weight in liquid. My son goes all night without a leak, and the wool cover absorbs wetness away from his rash-prone skin.
These kiddos are just too cute in their wool! Pop on over to Letters to Ames and check out Rachael and her lovely family. They are one of my favorites!
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  1. Kellie Barr says

    Those woolies are adorable! I may have to whip up some new ones this winter for my little guy.