I Love Wool: A Lanolizing Tutorial

Amy blogs over at Anktangle and I’m so excited to be sharing her AMAZING lanolizing tutorial with you. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter for many wonderful natural parenting stories, tutorials, and valuable information! My son began to get painful, infected diaper rashes right before his first birthday. After a bit of trial and […]

Washing Wool

Simple. That’s how I like my washing instructions. So, here you go in a few easy steps … Fill your bathroom sink with cool water Add cover, don’t agitate, just let it sit for a minute Drain sink and gently squeeze cover by folding and pressing Fill your bathroom sink with warm water Add 1-2 […]

Wool Giveaway: Muse for Reuse

Tahany of Muse for Reuse shared all about her discovery of wool and now she’s here to bless ya’ll with a fun giveaway! Here’s a bit more about her shop … I have loved creating and working with my hands since I was a child. My parents would remind me that at age 4, I […]

This Mama Loves Wool!

Tahany is a lovely, crafty mama from Hawaii who has used wool from birth to potty training. Not only does she love wool, she’s an expert at diapering with it! Here’s her story …  I first started to use wool when my first baby suddenly developed a reaction to the disposable diapers he was wearing. I […]

Wool Giveaway: Monkey Toe Diapers

When I first started thinking about wool I was perplexed at what went underneath – one-size fitteds are the perfect solution. Susan of Monkey Toe Diapers offers some of the cutest prints for her fitted diapers (and other cloth diapers – she has sized, fitted, one-size, PUL…). Here’s a peek at a few of my […]

Wool Giveaway: Earth Huggy

MB of Earth Huggy lives in my neck of the woods near the Oregon coast. I was blown away by her one-size, fitted diapers. Seriously in love. Earth Huggy fitteds have been the perfect under layer for our wool diapering adventures. Here’s a little more about Earth Huggy … MB is an earth hugging, unschooling, […]

Building Your Wool Stash

The great thing about wool is that you can start building your stash slowly. I don’t know many mamas who begin with wool – most are using another cloth diapering system and slowly add or transition to wool. To turn your baby into a woolie baby you’ll need 2 pieces – a cloth component with […]

Wool Giveaway: Nana’s Knickers

Years ago I picked up crocheting and knitting … alas, it was short lived, but I learned enough to know how amazing Nana’s Knickers wool shorties are! Jemma has been loving her adorable little orange knickers and I appreciated the thorough washing instructions that were included! Here’s a little more about Nana’s Knickers … We […]

Why Wool?

When we first decided to cloth diaper I was set on creating our whole stash with one type of diaper. It seemed to be the easiest way to stay organized – same washing instructions, same inserts, same everything. Although I don’t regret going heavy in one direction of cloth diapering – now, a year in, […]

Wool Giveaway: Paper Bag Owl Company

Surprise! A little Wool Week Eve love! The very first giveaway … Lisa and M from Paper Bag Owl Company gave us our first taste of wool. From that point on, I was in love … and Jemma was pretty pleased too :) The Wool Week button features a pair of Paper Bag Owl Company […]

Welcome to Wool Week

Do you know about the wonders of wool? I’m thrilled to partner with a number of expert wool mamas and Etsy shops in the coming week to share how fantastic wool is for cloth diapering! Grab the button and blog about Wool Week for extra entries in all the giveaways. See you tomorrow for the […]