Jemma Says

I made some brownies for after dinner …
Weally!?! I just wuv brownies! They have CHOCOLATE!!!

I can’t wear my shirts and pants. These pajamas are just so cozy!

Every single day …
I’m going to make a picture for Santa, ok?

I am the boss of this house.

Me and Daddy is going to Buff-o WILD WINGS! Such an adventure. It’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna be great. It’s gonna be DELICIOUS!

You’ve been working so hard on your J’s, let’s practice E today. Can I borrow your pencil and show you?
No, I’ll show you.
And then she proceeded to write an E without any direction.

Max? Max? Do you understand?

Hey, Mimi! You drivin’ too fast! Yous makin’ my bangs fall out! (By bangs, she means her hair clip)

At bedtime …
Gots to turn off the lights so I can go camping. AND SEE ANIMALS!

Where is Twilight Sparkle? Max take her? Is she under Max’s bed? In the drawer? Under you pillow? She’s lost. Oh no. Oh no. Oh nooooooooo!

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