Pre-post on vaccinations

Sigh of relief. Kind of. We are steadily progressing towards some sort of logical plan in regard to vaccinations. Lots of pieces to this puzzle, let me tell you! More on this later … actually, alot more. I have a whole slew of posts coming together for the next few days. But, until then I […]

Sleeping Safe

Sarah Buckley (who is quickly becoming one of my favorite resources) wrote an article called Ten Tips for Safe Sleeping. Definitely worth reviewing before you tuck baby in for the night! Put your baby on their back to sleep Keep you baby’s head uncovered during sleep Avoid entrapment hazards Avoid strangulation hazards Dress your baby […]

101 Reasons to Breastfeed

A great resource to support mamas on their breastfeeding journey.Some of my favorite reasons (of the 101 listed) are … Breast milk is more digestible than formula Breast milk contains immunities to disease and aids in the development of baby’s immune system Nursing helps moms lose weight after baby is born … GREAT REASON :) […]

Vaccine Class

Tuesday night we attended the vaccine class which was the pinnacle of our research. It was all I had hoped for and more … great handouts, awesome Q & A and a wonderful perspective from a reliable source. If you live near Portland, Oregon I highly recommend checking out Dr. Hofmann-Smith’s seminar. Well worth the […]

Leaving Well Alone

Sarah Buckley who authored Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering also wrote a great article about the third stage of labor. You can read the entire article here.It is a pretty “medical” article, but she covers vital information like complications that interventions create, hormones during labor and the role of the umbilical cord and its’ blood. It’s […]

Underwater Baby

Barbara Harper, the founder of Waterbirth International, has a great explanation of the most frequest waterbirth question I get … What prevents baby from breathing under water? There are four main factors that prevent the baby from inhaling water at the time of birth: Prostaglandin E2 levels from the placenta which cause a slowing down […]

Attachment Parenting

It’s hard to know what our parenting style will be like after baby is born. I’m sure it will develop some quirks of its own and be very unique to us and our family. But, in the meantime, I’m beginning to think we’ll follow something close to the Attachment Parenting model.Attachment Parenting can most easily […]

The Pioneer That I Am

Early on I made the decision to only have one ultrasound throughout our pregnancy. It was kind of a gut reaction. I hadn’t read very much about the benefits/risks of ultrasounds. I just opted to go a bit more pioneer (AKA, less medical intervention). My mom had one with me so I figured as long […]


Nothing like a little summer heat to get your mouth watering for some fresh fruit! Bradley is a big proponent of natural foods such as this … especially because of their high Vitamin C content.Here is some of what I’ll be chomping on: KIWI – Great source of of potassium, magnesium, Vitamin E and fiber. […]