Leaving Well Alone

Sarah Buckley who authored Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering also wrote a great article about the third stage of labor. You can read the entire article here.

It is a pretty “medical” article, but she covers vital information like complications that interventions create, hormones during labor and the role of the umbilical cord and its’ blood. It’s amazing to me how simple and then again, how complex birth can truly be.

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    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love blogfriending all the gals who are soon to be moms, or are already! I'll know right where to visit when I am expecting!

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    Birth is such a crazy, wonderful, scary, amazing thing!! I am so interested to see how your experience goes with waterbirth! I was really interested in it, but my hospital only had labor tubs – not birthing tubs. You weren't allowed to deliver the baby in the water. You had to be on the bed. My nurse-midwife had issues with this, but she said she had to do what the hospital policy was.But I also found that once I went into transition, I wanted out of the water. But I may have had a different perspective if I knew I could've delivered in the water. It was hard for me to get into & out of the tub for 20 minutes every hour to be intermittently monitored. So I think once things got really hard that I didn't want to move as much as it would require to go into & out of the tub.

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    Honestly, I'm interested to see how the waterbirth goes too. It's hard to know what you will want when you've never done this before!