Buying Organic – Where to Save and Where to Splurge

UPDATE: I had to share this resource from Kitchen Stewardship from her Eat Well, Spend Less series. This post has great ideas on where you can save when it comes to groceries by making your own yogurt, cooking with dried beans, freezing fruit, etc. Oh, Rachael Ray … I can’t bear to watch your show, […]

Star Worthy V.6

Here’s my latest STAR WORTHY reads :) Source: via Gretchen on Pinterest Have you ever looked for an extensive list of what to do with breastmilk? Look no further! And a shameless plug for my guest post over at The Adventures of Lactating Girl! More smoothie recipes your littles will gobble up :) I’m […]

More Business of Being Born

When we were expecting Jemma I didn’t quite know how I was going to ease Dominic into the whole “natural birth” philosophy … luckily, there are a number of fabulous documentaries/movies that give a real life perspective plus statistics about the benefits of natural birth. Dominic was game for a movie night and because of […]

16 Months of Cloth

Nothing is cuter than a fluffy baby bum!  I’ve had a few friends asking about cloth lately and I keep typing out these mega long emails about what we have, what we like, accessories, etc. and finally said, “Self – time saver would be to just post about this.” So, here it goes! THE STASH […]

Surviving the Sickies

Right before Christmas Jemma weathered her first major cold. At the same time she had a molar are two working through as well and we were generally a mess of snot and unhappiness :( But, we came through and were well by Christmas – YAY! Here’s a few of our favorite tips and tricks for […]

Star Worthy V.7

I love reading about other mama’s diapering systems – Jenny shared about some great new brands I haven’t yet tried! Ok, this is a bit late – but who doesn’t want a little holiday all throughout the year? A holiday must-have recipe from Deanna! “A parent’s authority is one of purpose, leadership, and teaching.” I […]

December Carnival: NPN Volunteer’s Best of 2011

I recently joined Natural Parents Network (NPN), as an author. My first post hasn’t gone live yet, but watch for it in mid-January! I’m so excited to have connected with this group of parents, first as a reader, and now as a writer. They are a priceless resource! – – – – – I am […]

Why We Cosleep

Welcome to the Safe Cosleeping Blog CarnivalThis post was written for inclusion in the Safe Cosleeping Blog Carnival hosted by Monkey Butt Junction . Our bloggers have written on so many different aspects of cosleeping. Please read to the end to find a list of links to the other carnival participants.***  I asked That Dad […]

Ah!Nautral Baby

I love when I find toys that make me think, “My grandkids are going to play with these”. They’re durable, classic, and safe; timeless pieces that are the perfect addition to any toy collection. Jemma had the chance to review wood blocks and a DuoCube Rattle from Ah!Natural Baby and she gives it two thumbs […]

Star Worthy V.6

When you have a spare moment – here’s the links that are a must read :) This mama and I met on Twitter during Jemma’s nursing strike/weaning drama – she was such an encouragement and I wanted to share her AWESOME breastfeeding links from her blog 6 Free Alternatives to Vaccines – Um … I […]