A Gift Guide for National Park Explorers

It’s no secret that we are a family of national park explorers!

Coming up next is Badlands, Wind Caves, and Theodore Roosevelt … a few others if I can swing the route in our favor. The kids are already researching and I’m giddy over the upcoming hikes and sights.

Needless to say, when it comes to national park souvenirs, memorabilia, and the like – we’re borderline experts. If you are a national park explorer too (or if you’re shopping for one!) be sure to add these gems to your cart/personal wish list.

We can’t always be in a national park (boo!), so when we’re not, it’s nice to have little park reminders and park-inspired fun while preparing for the next adventure.

Mudpuppy Little Park Rangers Puzzle

It’s the best puzzle out there! High quality with beautiful illustrations. And, even though it’s 500 pieces, it’s an easy one since you can sort by each square’s park design.

Tula Baby, Toddler, and Preschool Carrier

If you have littles, don’t go to a national park without a carrier. Tula is hands down my top pick … and that recommendation comes from hundreds of miles of packing my littles!

Tula Joshua Tree Bamboo Blanket

Joshua Tree is Eli’s favorite national park and Tula bamboo blankets are his favorite snuggle-me-up blanket (well, these blankets are everyone’s favorite!). I mean, haven’t you always wished baby swaddles came in bigger sizes … now they do. Tula thinks of it all.

Uncommon Goods National Park Fanny Pack

Add it to my “want” list – these fanny packs are too cute! I’m leaning Teton … what to do you think? I will say, I love my Kavu fanny pack for outings too.

Colsen Fire Pit

Bring the ambiance of a campground home with Colsen Fire Pits! These little guys are perfect for backyard gatherings, homemade s’mores, and that ever-so-cozy feel of being in the great outdoors.

Goodr Sunglasses

I don’t have a pair of Goodr sunglasses yet, but I definitely want some! Their national park line is so fun!

Sunday Afternoons Trucker Hats

Absolutely scooped up a bunch of these for the boys! Perfect hiking hats with the best designs from Sunday Afternoons’ artist collection.

Acadia to Zion: An Adventure Journal Through the U.S. National Parks

Hey! Check this out! It’s my digital PDF printable all about the national parks :) Talk about a labor of love straight from a gal who truly loves the parks. Use code LAUNCH for 15% off.

Rumpl National Park Collection Puffy Blanket

These designs are AMAZING! I *think* Crater Lake is on the top of my wish list. Rumpl has national park towels too if blankets aren’t your jam.

The Wander Club National Park Tokens

What a clever keepsake! Each token clips onto a keychain and you’ve got an on-the-go memory of all your favorite parks.

Wonder Bucket List Water Bottle

Sticker by sticker, catalog all the parks you visit while staying hydrated.

Yeti Roadie Cooler

I can’t say enough good things about our Yeti Roadie. It’s the perfect size for snacks and lunch ingredients and it legit acts as a fridge for a solid 48 hours … if not longer! I could not manage our trips without it. We’ve covered the outside in stickers from our adventures too so it’s basically a memory book of our adventures.

National Park Monopoly

It’s our very favorite version of Monopoly! Parks is the next game I hope to get. And Trekking is a great one too!

Stanley Pendleton Thermos

Holy moly this is good. Problem is, it’s a toss up between the Mount Rainier pattern and the Grand Canyon one. Both are gorgeous!

National Park Art Prints by Laura Amiss

Basically my dream art wall! What six parks would you pick to display?

One last note … I didn’t include any books in this gift guide, because, that’s a post all of its own >>> National Park Book List. Sooooo many good ones!​​​​​​​

Oh! Did you guess which park the title photo is from? Did the boardwalk give it away? The trees? Max is in Congagree – South Carolina’s only national park!

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