• 2018 Summer Bucket List
  • Praying Out Loud
  • A Very Huggies Father’s Day
  • Greek Quinoa Salad
  • Try Out a Class at The Little Gym For Free + Have Some Serious Fun

Belly Bands

BellaBand = my bra for the bump I’m in love with my BellaBands! They are helping me to transition for . Who would have thought that a smudge of elastic could work such wonders? Over the last few weeks I have acquired two … both by Ingrid & Isabel. One has lace on the bottom […]

Freezer/Pantry Month

I have officially declared May our family’s “Freezer/Pantry Meal Month”. I’ve got quite the stock pile in both and this initiative will help us to pack/move less and save money … what a concept!Rather than doing a weekly menu (which happens about 25% of the time) I created a monthly menu from the freezer and […]


Does anyone remember the creamsicle hard candies from a few years ago … they came in orange and raspberry flavor. I think Lifesaver made them. I need them and can’t find them anywhere! Let me reiterate, I NEED THEM! I couldn’t even find a picture on Google to jog your memory; could they have been […]


Baby Sale Loot

I’m still a bit floored by the amount of baby clothing at the sale. It was unbelievable. It was incredibly organized. I wll be going back every year. I truly believe the mall is officially the worst place to buy clothing. Everything pictured above was under $5 … most was $1-$2. I know, crazy. These […]


Deal Finders R Us

JanMom, Dominic, Mom and I had been planning to go to the Just Between Friends Baby Sale FOREVER. This weekend was it and we hit the ground running! Tons of clothes, books, movies, furniture, supplies and all things baby! Dominic gets Father of the Year props for his 4-hour shopping trip. That’s right … 4 […]


Meet Bruce

My family just finished building a house and my soon-to-be 18 year old sis, Hannah, has been doing alot of sorting. Sorting that includes deciding which childhood memories are worth keeping, what should be passed on, and what should join the mega garage sale we are planning for July. This weekend she found a tub […]