40+ Weeks

Well, depending on which due date we’re rollin’ with I think I am officially more pregnant than I’ve ever been! Each pregnancy has gone longer for me (ranging from 39 to 41 weeks) and this little guy seems to be snug as a bug. At this point, I’m not quite sure if he’ll have a February or March birthday.

We are all SO excited to meet him though. Max sleeps on the couch in our room every night – ready to be what he calls my “mid-husband” and every morning Eli pulls back the covers and says, “Oh, baby is still in your tummy.” I always promise, “one of these days” … and it’s true, someday soon we will welcome our much awaited baby!

How far along: 40 weeks, 5 days (LMP) or 41 weeks, 2 days (conception)

Gender? Our little Charlie boy :) Yep, there’s the name we are 99% settled on!

Weight gain: Don’t know, mostly don’t care. Wrote this for mom.com >>> Dear Pregnant Mama, Stop Tracking Your Weight <<< this last fall and believe in through and through.

Sleep: Too good for how far along I am. I wake up to roll over but for the most part easily fall back asleep and rest well.

Best moment this week: Made it to everything on our February calendar – like, even the things I figured I had no chance of attending, lol! And acupuncture. I’ve been twice in the last week and it’s heavenly. I would go every week if I could.

Worst moment this week: Yesterday morning I woke up with the worst leg cramp! Poor Eli thought I was in labor! I haven’t had a leg cramp since I was pregnant with Jemma.

Miss anything: About this time I’m ready for normal clothes. Not my immediately postpartum clothes, but the ones from a year postpartum when I start to feel more like myself again.

Movement: Oh yes, all the time! But not enough to wiggle out apparently!

Cravings: The craziest thing – pita with hummus, cucumber, and kalamata olives. All things I normally don’t like. And Jimmy John’s Beach Club sandwich with Jimmy’s mustard. I’m not normally a mustard person!

Queasy or sick? Nope. I thought maybe I had a cold coming on, but I kicked that with a few days of supplements.

Looking forward to: a quiet month ahead with my family. I’ve never taken a true maternity leave and will actually have a few weeks off this go around. Ok, I did after Jem but I was super stressed about pumping to build a stash and worrying about leaving her when I went back to the office that I didn’t enjoy it at all :( This should be a wonderful few weeks of calm family time with nonstop baby snuggles! Just gotta get through labor first!

39 weeks with Eli and then I wrote this about due dates and then I got really sick before he was finally born at 41 weeks + 40 weeks with Reid + 39 weeks with Max + 38 weeks with Jemma and then 40 weeks

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