38 Week Appointment

These weekly appointments are just crazy. I mean, only so much can happen every 7 days. I pretty much say, “I’m feeling fine; marching on. Nothing too exciting to report.” This week brought some fun updates though …

  • Belly is measuring at 40 weeks – that’s right, my wee one is gonna be a chunker
  • My GBS test came back negative – WOOHOO!
  • I debuted my first stretch mark – hopefully my last
  • I found out that during my postpartum stay at Andaluz I get an awesome reward … an “I just birthed a baby” massage – YEAH!
38 Weeks, 3 Days … still at work, and lovin’ every minute of it :)

Next appointment is Wednesday, October 6th. Of course, pending a pre-October 6th birth. Which I highly doubt.

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  1. says

    A massage?! I am so jealous! I wish they offered that when I had my 3 babies!!ps- you look great!

  2. says

    so b-boss measured at 37 weeks a week ago and 40 week this week….at that rate (if you go full term +1 week) you'll be having a 15 pound baby.

  3. says

    I recently found out that I'm entitled to a massage voucher, as well, as a "WOW! You just squeezed a baby out" reward, as well. It's awesome!Hopefully at your next appointment, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find some progress. :)And slather the bio oil on that stretchie! Perhaps it will be your only one? And if not… well… it'll all be worth it in the end.

  4. says

    1 stretch mark? So jealous, I am not that I can even count mine. You're looking great and we can't wait to get the call…

  5. says

    You are cute as ever! It'll be birth day before you know it!