What I Bought Before We Left For Disneyland

I mentioned a few of the things I’ve picked up in my last Disney post, but I thought it might be helpful to have all this information in one place :) Truly, it’s just a collaboration of great ideas I found on Pinterest and tips from a few mamas who have visited Disneyland recently with their preschool age children.

Enjoy! And feel free to pin for later if you think a Disneyland trip is in your future! What I Bought Before We Left For Disneyland


  • Plastic Water Bottle … I usually drink out of a mason jar with a MJC lid, but glass isn’t allowed in Disneyland so I ordered a water bottle that I could easily throw in the bottom of the stroller. You can get free water refills at any restaurant so I wanted an easy way to stay hydrated.
  • Diamond Anniversary Minnie Ears … I planned to buy ears in the park, and then I found these! SOLD!
  • Crossbody Purse … I needed something small and lightweight. This went on super sale, so I snagged it!
  • Battery Pack Phone Charger … If you think I’m going to let my phone die during the magic, you’re wrong! So glad I’ll have an easy way to charge my phone (and thus, camera) on the go. 


  • Minnie Ears, x2 … I grabbed these cheap, but awesome and functional ears from Amazon and then a custom Ariel pair too.
  • Disney Sing Along Songs … Since Jemma has never been to Disneyland she doesn’t really have a concept of where we are going. I remember this movie (on VHS) from my childhood and wanted Jem to catch a glimpse of Disney through it. It’s now a favorite with her and Max!
  • Park Outfits … Tees went on sale at the Disney Store for $5-10, so Jemma chose one to wear each day at the park. I fell in love with this one too.
  • Elsa Hoodie … According to the weather, California will cool down in the evenings so it seemed necessary to add this hoodie to Jemma’s Disneyland wardrobe. Plus, it was at our local Costco for only $10! 
  • Plane Activities … The $1 Section at Target had a bunch of princess activity books and such so I grabbed a few of those. Plus this special coloring book. I swear by these for traveling!
  • Disney Surprises … Folks, souvenirs are spendy! Our routine with vacations is that each child gets to pick one special thing from the gift shop and that’s it. I did grab a few extra little surprises at the Disney Store though … Ariel sunglasses and a Belle doll for her to open in our hotel room. 


  • Snacks + Breakfasts … Jem and I went to the grocery store and chose some favorite snacks to pack for the plane — granola bars, trail mix, fruit leather, gum and this addictive, but healthy treat). I’ll probably pack some each day for snacks on the go in the park too.  Our hotel has a microwave in our room so we plan to warm up oatmeal in paper bowls each morning before heading out as well.
  • Trading Pins … We can’t wait to go pin crazy! This eBay shop was recommended to me by a professional Disney friend so we are stocked up and ready to trade for some new favorites. I bought lanyards from this eBay seller too.

What am I missing? Tell, tell, tell! I still have a day or two to finish up our packing!

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    Good ideas! I’ve been buying some special fun things for the road trip to Orlando, and I have some fun things for her once we get there.