Disney Bound!

small world

It’s true! Disneyland is in our near future!!!

Again, you say?

Well, yes.

Disneyland makes me happy. I love it there. Jem loves it. And after our beyond magical experience last year I just couldn’t shake the idea that Daddy and the boys needed to join us so Jem could act as our official tour guide. Sooooooo, I dreamed another dream, laid out a master pitch to Dom, AND HE JUMPED ON BOARD. Folks, that is 2 miracles in less than a year!

The kids don’t know yet and that’s half the fun. We talk about Disneyland ALL THE TIME and Jem has it in her mind that the very earliest we’ll ever go back is when she is 10 because I told her Reid can’t go when he’s a baby because he still needs naps. Often you’ll hear her saying, “Ok, ok Max, when you are 8, I will be 10, and Reid will be 5 and then we will go to Disneyland as a whole family!” Oh my girl, if only you knew! I’m working on a fun surprise to reveal the big news and when we’re within 30 days of departure if you listen close you’ll probably be able to hear their shrieks of delight!

As of now, flights are booked (this was a major part of the pitch, I found roundtrip tickets for under $200/person … thank the Lord for Southwest deals!), our hotel is reserved, and my mom (who is coming with us!) has been sewing up the most fabulous Disney accessories. Things are coming together and I can hardly wait. Because, hello, Disney obsessed mama right here!

Stay tuned for lots of prep magic in the coming weeks!

Want to read about our first Disneyland adventures? Here ya go …


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  1. says

    Yey. I’m jealous I wish I was. Can’t wait to hear all about it. :)

  2. Jamie says

    Southwest tickets are crazy cheap right now! Glad you got in on the deal.

  3. Marie Cole says

    That sounds like so much fun! I’ve never been to Disney Land but I’m still holding out hope that some day I’ll get the chance to take my kids there. Hope you have so much fun!

  4. Amanda Smith says

    I love Disneyland. Last time I went I was pregnant, so I couldn’t really enjoy it much.

  5. Sandra Caballero says

    That is a great idea ! It’s best to wait for the youngest to be old enough to ride the Disney rides with the whole family.