18 + 19 Weeks

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How far along: Almost 19 weeks

Gender guess: I just finished up a post all about gender predictions and based on those things are bending towards girl.

Weight gain: 148 pounds at my last appointment. I think I started in the 140-145 range. 

Sleep: If I sleep alone I definitely sleep better than if Dom or Max are with me. Yellowstone has been a dream since I’ve had a queen all to myself! Thanks Mimi for taking on Mr. Max at bedtime!

Best moment this week: Taking baby to my 10 year high school reunion and then to Yellowstone. It’s been a busy, busy week!

Worst moment this week: The long drive (almost 14 hours) made me cranky and hangry. Apparently I don’t have much patience for the highway and limited food selection. I also cannot manage to fall asleep in the car no matter how much I try and I get headaches if I try to read. So, blah. Not looking forward to the drive home, but truly enjoying the time here, so, suck it up buttercup.

Miss anything: I’m in full pregnancy mode now, letting go of what I miss and embracing all the awesome that is to come!

Movement: We’ve been so on the go I haven’t been feeling much these few weeks, the occasional bump and roll at night when I’m falling asleep. Usually on my left side.

Cravings: Mom and I were talking about sandwiches while driving to Yellowstone and now I really need my Quizno’s special … toasted turkey with bacon, guacamole, cheese, lots of red onions and lettuce!

Queasy or sick? Nope! Doing much better!

Looking forward to: Our first and hopefully only ultrasound is schedule for August 10th … one day after Max turns 3!

What Jemma thinks: “The baby needs more water! Drink your water, Mama!” When given a task, this girl is on it! Daddy told Jem to remind me 5x a day to drink water while in Yellowstone and she is excelling at her job :)

What Max thinks: “When dat baby be born?” It seems he is over this whole mama’s belly getting big and having to walk more.

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  1. Bianca says

    I love how the Bossio Bigs are loving on Bossio Bump. I am excited for our next pregnancy when Penny can be really into it and excited for a sibling! <3