Happy Birthday, Max!

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My first son and darling mama’s boy turned three yesterday. THREE! He woke up with a beaming smile and requests for snuggles as he always does, but still, he looked bigger, more mature and somehow it seemed his vocabulary had grown. For him, three must mean an increase in words, emotions and, of course, love. 

Multiple times a day he pipes in saying, “Mama, yous my best friend!” and “Mama, I wuv you too.” while holding up two fingers. Jemma has been using sign language for “I love you” for a year or two now and I think Max wanted his own love sign – so two fingers it is :)

He inhaled Dino Nuggets, his favorite meal, and his aunt whipped him up a delicious batch of snickerdoodles to celebrate. Max doesn’t eat much variety, but when he loves something, he could eat it nonstop! He raked in the boy toys – Matchbox cars and a brand new soccer ball, as well as a Yellowstone inspired Memory game because Max rocks Memory like no other kid I know! We met the grandparents for pizza and Max beamed at all the attention. He is one blessed boy to have some many people that love him.

I couldn’t imagine life without this little man. He stretches me, teaches me and quiets me. I didn’t think I would love being a boy mom, but I do. Everything about it is busy, wild and full. And a full life, is a wonderful one. Thank you, Max, for loving me through all my failures as your mama, I promise I try more and more each day to become the mom you need me to be. Here’s to hoping your year as a three year old will be our best yet! xoxo

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