14 + 15 Weeks


How far along: 15 weeks

Gender guess: I mean, it’s 50/50, right? I did order this for kicks and giggles!

Weight gain: Plus 5 pounds at the end of my first trimester. Not too shabby.

Sleep: Insomnia sadness going on. I just started taking my mag/cal in hopes of staying asleep more often than not.

Best moment this week: My energy seems to be back. I repeat … MY ENERGY IS BACK!

Worst moment this week: Nothing. It has been a good week :)

Miss anything: Still cocktails. So weird. I just want a fancy martini and since that’s a bit taboo I have settled for black raspberry Italian sodas with a dash or two of cream instead. Daily.

Movement: Still little ones. I felt one major roll across my belly the other night in the bath – hi baby!

Cravings: Steak from the Japanese grill – golly, I love that stuff. And the fried rice. And yum yum sauce. All amazing!

Queasy or sick? I’m back in action. As long as I stay hydrated I feel pretty swell. I’ve also found that cutting coffee has been helpful. I’m on day 5 of my no-coffee life and it seems to be correlating to how I feel each day. Yay!

Looking forward to: Taking the bump to Yellowstone! I have one midwife appointment before we go and then we’re off!

What Jemma thinks: Almost daily she says in the sappiest, sweetest little voice, “I just can’t believe you have a baby bump!”

What Max thinks: I’ve asked him a few times if our baby is a boy or girl and every time he says, “It’s a baby durl!”

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