Baby #3 — The Day We Found Out

Let’s all be super in awe of my equality and fairness as a mom for a quick moment.

Today’s post is dedicated to baby number three’s official debut. Also known as “the day I peed on a stick”. I posted about the same event for itsy bits Jemma back in 2010 and then tiny little Max in early 2012.  If I can keep up with some photos here and there this baby won’t feel like the third to arrive at all!

First on the agenda … bump photo #1! Check! IMG_8223

So, how our little one came to be.

Dominic and I took a Creighton training course about a year ago. I won’t go into the details of charting cervical mucous as a means to avoid or achieve pregnancy, but know, it’s fascinating and a really cool, natural method of family planning. 

For a number of reasons, I hadn’t anticipated a positive pregnancy test on Thursday, April 23rd, and thus, took said test on a whim before nap time with Max whining at the door. If that’s isn’t the quintessential picture of a third born, I don’t know what is. Pretty much, I wanted to know that I wasn’t pregnant so I could slump a bit, nap it off and proceed with my day. 

But, then A POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST! Really, truly positive. No questions about it.

I opened the door and told Max he was going to be a big brother! He growled. So him. Next up, Dominic. I prayed for something happier than a growl :) I texted him the cleverest thing I could think of in a 5 second brainstorm. 

Think you can handle 3 at Take Your Child To Work Day in 2016?!? Thursday, April 23, 2015 was Take Your Child To Work Day so it was randomly in the forefront of my mind and Dom knew too because we had joked about him taking Max to the lumberyard that morning.

Max was begging for mama snuggles and rest, but of course I couldn’t fall asleep,  so Dominic and I texted back and forth while I simultaneously shared the news with a few friends. I invited my mom and sister over for dinner to surprise them in person and their reactions that evening were along the lines of these shrieks of happiness …

Jemma and Max are pretty pleased with their promotions too :) Moments after Jemma found out she quietly came up to my side and placed her hand on my stomach. She whispered, “I’m just going to try and feel the baby move a little.” Oh yes, she is the sweetest thing. Especially when she followed with, “I hope it’s a baby girl. But I think if it is a boy, I will really love it too.”

We commemorated the special day with impromptu family photos. Our first snapshots as a family of FIVE! family of 5

Dominic’s parents found out a few days later. We surprised him mama with an early Mother’s Day gift with a hidden clue. Her pendant necklace had an extra grandchild birthstone making an appearance! After our family knew all the rest of the big wide world got looped in on our little secret with this announcementIMG_8247

We’re pleased as punch and can’t wait to celebrate the Christmas season, or New Year I suppose, with a little one in our arms. We may have announced a bit early, but we can’t contain our excitement! 

Spill the beans! How did you announce your pregnancy?

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  1. Jennifer Shepherd says

    My husband has been out of town on business since April 20th, I got my positive on April 27th :) I sent him a photo of the test in the middle of the night (that’s when I took it. I was up, it was next to the toilet, figured why not lol). He immediately video called me and was so excited! I told our two boys the next day, our youngest is convinced everyone now has a baby in their belly. :) here’s to number 3!!!!