Melancholy Prioritizing

With only 10 weeks to go I’ve realized that my reading list needs to be cut down. The reading stack has continued to grow and as much as I want to be a book worm a thing called life has limited my time. So, I’ve got 4 left that I am considering “must reads” … […]

When I’m Sleepy

Over the last few weeks Dominic has been reading When I’m Sleepy to our baby/my tummy before bed. It’s super sweet and completely melts my heart. He then closes off with a simple, profound prayer before turning off the lights.My baby and I are blessed to have a daddy/husband like him. We love you, Dominic!

September 23rd

From the beginning I have thought my due date was September 30th. You know, based on my handy dandy ovulation tracking iPhone application. But, based on my LMP, my midwife declared my due date at October 9th. So that’s what we’ve gone with.But, now I’m wondering … well, kind of stressing.There is such a wide […]

Third Trimester Reality Check

Heaven’s to Betsy … we are in the third trimester! Yes, this is how the words “third trimester” make me feel. Here’s a little summary of what we’ve been up to: How far along? 28 weeks, 4 days How big is baby? 2 1/2 pounds (ish) Weight gain? Depending on the day, what I have […]

Shop-a-holic on Pause

I’m feeling a bit uneasy about splurging on third trimester maternity wear … I mean, I have less than 15 weeks to go. It seems more fun to save that money and buy skinny mama clothes post pregnancy pounds, right? Still, I can’t help but browse the maternity options out there. Thank you Nordstrom, Ann […]

Cravings go downhill …

For the majority of my pregnancy I have craved healthy foods … yogurt, fruit, milk and salads. But things have taken a turn for the worse. Today, all I can think about are: Maple bars, baked potato skins and Cheetos … OH MY! And of course, these cravings are coming as I stand on the […]