Love Aunt Hannie

Jemma and Max’s aunties have made it a tradition to sew them blankets when they are born. Aunt Hannah initially decorated Max’s baby shower with this fabric and before she left for college she whipped it up into this snuggly blanket. Max has developed quite the affinity for diaper only time while wrapped in minky […]

Max | 3 Months

Mr. Max … You make Mama’s heart swell with love, pride, and all thing good each and every day. You’ve started smiling from ear to ear (much more than your Sissy ever did) and we all love making funny faces and sounds at you to try and spark a grin. It isn’t very hard! You’re […]


Anticipating … a quiet day ahead of me! Jemma is on a mini vacation with her Daddy and grandparents and Max and I are at home chillaxing. Yep, chillaxing :) That’s code for watching Pretty Little Liars, blogging, and napping. Buying … Christmas gifts! I finally decided on a play kitchen for Jemma – my […]

Collection /// Fancy & Fierce Foxes

1 /// 2 /// 3 /// 4 /// 5 /// 6 Fancy and fierce foxes.  They are special to me because the fox is Max’s chosen animal. Laugh if you will. But it is true. We gave Max a rockstar name, a life verse, and … an animal. It all started when I bought Jemma […]

Max | 2 Months

Oh, sweet boy. Where to begin?  This month, like all the months to come, have been too darn precious. You are flashing smiles like no one’s business and you love tummy time. It’s so fun to see you growing more and more each day. The rolls are roll-erific! Anywhere and everywhere – you have them! […]

Goodbye Summer

The summer began with mass packing as we prepared to move in with my parents for our Build That House adventure. Said house is not one ounce further along but that’s another story. Hannah and I spent oodles of quality time together in May since she was home from college and then my Mom and […]

Max | One Month

When I woke up on September 9th there were tears in my eyes.Tears of joy.Tears of lost moments.Tears of contentment.Tears of love.You were one month old and I couldn’t fathom how time had passed so quickly. A mere month ago you were snuggled tightly in my womb. Thirty short days ago we were physically connected. […]


  Cooking … this amazing recipe from The Pioneer Woman. I mean, does she not cook anything amazing? I saw her whip this up on last week’s episode and couldn’t wait to pick me up some leeks and white wine. It turned out fabulous! My mom said it is one of her new favorite pastas […]


Mister Max is already 2 weeks old … really almost 3 … and I’m just now pulling together some Instapics from his first week. Guess that goes to show how busy things are with two little ones. Hardly any time for blogging, let alone time with two hands free! Things have been hard and wonderful […]

Big Sister Jemma

Big Sister Jemma tee c/o Zoey’s Attic, use code THATMAMA for 15% off your order! Just a few hours before Max was born I sat down to write a short post. I wanted to remember the sweet moments of Jemma preparing to become a big sister. Little did I know that Max would be in […]