Mister Max is already 2 weeks old … really almost 3 … and I’m just now pulling together some Instapics from his first week. Guess that goes to show how busy things are with two little ones. Hardly any time for blogging, let alone time with two hands free!

Things have been hard and wonderful and absolutely perfect. I couldn’t imagine life any other way. Well, I can’t imagine it differently now or for the future, but I do vividly remember sleep-filled nights and time at my own discretion. Regardless, I wouldn’t trade life with Jemma and Max for anything. They make me smile so often you’d gag if you knew how in love I am. I just typed that, glanced at both of them, and then my milk let down in a WHOOSH if that goes to show what I mean :)

On days by myself I’m in survival mode. We eat leftovers and scrounge in the freezer, use disposable diapers, and watch lots of Caillou and Lilo & Stitch. Everyone is happy (most of the time) and loved. I consider that a success. Wouldn’t you?

I’m sure in the next few weeks I’ll get into the swing of things. Maybe I’ll finish a sewing project, cook a real dinner or attempt to run a few errands with two. For now we are hunkering down at home and embracing the craziness. How people manage multiples, I will never know …

So far, my most favorite things about Max …

  • His loud grunts and gulps – he is by far the loudest baby I have ever met. Oh, and the farts … often and HUGE!
  • His spiky hair – it screams, “I’m a hip boy!”
  • His perfect latch – I couldn’t be more blessed with how nursing is going. My milk came in right around the 36 hour mark and he’s been drowning in milk ever since. He latches so well, I have had zero pain or bleeding. He’s my little milk man!
  • The way he dream feeds during the night – he rarely wakes up all the way! 
  • His extra thumb! I don’t think I mentioned in my mini birth story that Max was born with two thumbs on his left hand. We didn’t even realize until his newborn assessment a few hours after his birth, but sure enough, he has one thumb joint and then at his knuckle it branches into two full thumbs. It’s super sweet and unique and I’m very much leaning towards letting him decide when he is older if he wants his double thumb altered. We will be meeting with an orthopedic surgeon at some point to discuss any development issues, but for now, there is no concern. I think it is extra special that he has two thumbs because my grandpa (who Max shares a middle name with) didn’t have a thumb on his left hand (it was sawed off when he was working at a chair factory as a teenager); so, it’s like Max got double the thumbs to make up for Papa’s lack of a thumb :)
  • The way he leans into Jemma when she gives him kisses.
  • How sweaty we both get when I’m carrying him in our wrap – he’s going to be the best little heater come winter time!
  • His big, bright blue-gray eyes – he has such an intense stare, an old soul for sure.

Let’s see, other Max news …

Last Thursday we had our 2 week pediatrician appointment and Max had already gained 10 ounces since birth! Eek, this boy can sure eat! We better start saving for his teen years! And, in light of the “brilliant” AAP, I thought I’d mention that we stuck with our decision to keep Max intact. Pathways to Family Wellness and Natural Parents Network both shared AMAZING posts on this topic today. Don’t miss them.

And, Miss Jemma …

She is a great big sister! Super gentle and loving towards Max. I’m really happy that she hasn’t felt jealous. She has been demanding some extra attention, but I think that’s pretty normal for an almost 23 month old whether they have a little sibling or not. She loves to say, “Shhhh” when he is crying or sleeping and often walks by and pats his head or tummy followed by a sweet kiss. I’ve also seen her gently grab his sides and pretend to pick him up … I’ll have to keep an eye on that!

I feel like this post was super scattered, but it was written with one hand in 2 minute increments, so, that’s what you get :) At least I popped in to confirm that not only am I surviving 2 under 2, I’m considering it a blessing.

I also shared a guest post over at Baby Gizmo this week – check it out!

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  1. says

    Ah! That last one? Love love love.Your days by yourself sound like my days while hubby is at work, too.Thankfully my oldest part-time's in school and I have a couple days a week to actually get anything done.

  2. says

    I loved reading this!! Thank you for sharing! And I agree. Parents of multiples must earn a very special place in heaven. I can't imagine! Glad you are doing so well! I am 5 months into having 2 full time and my step son part time, and after that 6 week mark when she started sleeping in longer patches we really got into a good routine. So just keep hanging on and enjoying the ride and I promise it will settle. :)

  3. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I'm tempted to find a Mommy's Day Out program or something to get a little bit of a break during the week. I need to keep my eye out for that once school starts!

  4. discoverystreet says

    Such sweet photos…i can't wait to experience all this!

  5. ThatMamaGretchen says

    You're going to love it! Not too much longer until your girl is here :)

  6. Bri says

    I love that full head of hair! So cute! So glad to hear it is going so well and that Jemma is adjusting well to a new family member. :)

  7. Denise says

    Thank you for taking the time and posting! I love to hear about the many adventures and soooo much LOVE abounding!

  8. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I'm hoping all his hair doesn't all fall out anytime soon – sad day!

  9. Nessa Bixler says

    Oh man he is such a cutie!! Look at those two together. My husband and I were hoping for a much better AAP recommendation. My husband is a NICU fellow and so many of the previous info they issued and the atmosphere they had been creating (sending docs reminder literature on caring for an intact baby and how to answer questions on non-circumcision) we thought the message would have been a lot different. It comes down to the insurance companies we think. If the AAP recommends something else – the procedure won't be covered and then what would the fall out be?

  10. christine says

    What a sweet boy! I am also doing the 2 under 2 thing, but barely surviving. Well, okay, I'm surviving fine, but have zero time for myself. And it takes sooo much time just to write two paragraphs! Here's to those of us with little littles. May they take long naps!

  11. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Amen to long naps! Unfortunately, Jemma and Max have some how gotten on opposite nap schedules – just as one wakes up, the other falls asleep. It keeps me running all day!