More on Moving

No need to sugar coat things. Moving is tough. It’s unsettling to be in a new place that doesn’t yet feel like home. Moving isn’t fun and I prefer fun. Yesterday morning I couldn’t find the box with my hairspray. I guess I was the ring leader for a new holiday — “Flat Hair Day”. […]

The Big Move

Yesterday morning I left one home and after work I drove to my new home. Our entire life had been loaded into a truck and off we went on another crazy moving adventure. Throughout the day my mom sent me picture updates while I was at work so I could stay involved in the process. […]

Crazy Schedule of a Crazy Mama

Saturday my bestie, Mallory, arrived in town from Boise. We walked, talked, drank decaf coffee, went out to eat, and went to bed early (like all good pregnant girls do). My mom and sisters arrived on Sunday for my first baby shower which was smashing :) Pictures soon …Today, Monday, is moving day. AH!!!! My […]

The new house has 3 large bedrooms. One will be the master, the other will be Naomi’s (our dear friend/roommate) and the third will be the nursery/office. To create 2 rooms from the 1 I’m thinking about getting a colorful rug for the baby’s side.Enter IKEA’s Hellum rug …Dominic is an IKEA-hater. Yes, I know […]

5 Days

The big move is in 5 days. We’re getting to be pros at moving seeing that we have conquered 3 moves in our short 2 1/2 years of marriage … Move #1 (August 2007) – into our first apartment (AKA Little Mexico) the week before our wedding. Move #2 (August 2008) – into the upgrade, […]

Our family is flying to a new nest

We were approved for the house we applied for last Friday!!! They are negotiable on move in date so we are still working on that … sometime in June. YEAH! Some of my favorite things about our new pad … Newer home with lots of energy efficient features 3 big, georgeous bedrooms (master has vaulted […]

Gorgeously Green

If you are stopping by for the D-List Blog Party you can read my welcome post here. In preparation for baby I have started to assess the foods we eat and the products we use. Call it overboard, but I’m a meticulous mama and if my cleaning products have words I can’t pronouce (or even […]

Laundry Detergent

When I’m trying to drift off to sleep I think of random things like, “OMG, what kind of laundry detergent should I use for all the baby clothes!” Right now we have this … from Costco: What do you use for your baby items? Do you separate baby stuff from the rest of the family’s […]

I found this swell color while reading the most recent issue of Real Simple. Initially I thought it would work well in the nursery, but now I’m leaning more towards putting it in our bedroom or maybe an office. It is by Glidden and is called Soothing Green Tea. Just what I need for my […]

Home in June?

We think we might have found a place to move! It will be available the first weekend of June and we’re just waiting to hear back on our application. Cross your fingers! The rental market has been quite a fiasco. You would think there are lots of options out there, but no. Nice houses (newer, […]