My Sweetheart & A Giveaway

In celebration of Valentine’s day 19 lovely ladies and I are giving away an iPad Mini! I really really really hope one of my readers wins! And, a special thank you to Myranda for coordinating everything. Here are all the details straight from her: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 5 // 6 // […]

So This Is Christmas {in photos}

Christmas with little ones is something extraordinary. Their smiles, giggles, and sugar highs – there is nothing quite like it. Seeing Jemma experience the sights and sounds of Christmas time brought so much joy to our family and Max was right beside her, snuggling all the way. I can only imagine the ruckus we’ll all […]

Merry Christmas Eve!

This year’s Christmas card is sweet and simple. A lovely photo from our dear photographer (who, might I brag, just had a rockstar homebirth a few days ago) and an equally lovely card design from Danielle over at Take Heart. Perhaps I’ll have a chance to write a whole Christmas letter next year … I […]

2012 | Thanksgiving on a Wednesday

Our Thanksgiving could be summed up in a few phrases … Free turkey.  Bon Appetit.   My little lush. On the Saturday before Thanksgiving we saw an advertisement for turkey bowling at the local grocery store. This is totally something our family participates in so we bundled up and got in line!  One of the freezer […]

100 Days Old

Today, my sweet boy, you are 100 hundred days old. I never thought I would have a boy and now, I can’t imagine my life without one. Without you. Thank you for the greatest 100 hundred days a Mama could ask for. It sounds too simple to say, “I love you”, but those are the […]