The Same Page /// To Be Close

So much from this week’s reading spoke to me, but one theme hit home more than others. It’s this: The Bible is filled with people who had to get close in order to get healed …  No more trying to sneak in healing from a distance. It was time for her to be seen.  And […]

The Same Page /// Needing Grace

Completely unrelated to this post, but don’t you just adore this snowberry arrangement from Jones Design Company? Emily is definitely one of my new fave bloggers. Even better news, I found a random field on my way to town that has snowberries! I’m hoping to cut some soon and make my own holiday centerpiece with […]

The Same Page /// Week One

Online book club? Say what? It’s true – I’m joining in the online book club hosted by Kincaid Parade and Wild and Precious. We’re reading Grace for the Good Girl, blogging about it every Thursday, and hashtaggin’ about it whenever we can. It’s a bit daunting for me to commit to a weekly post, let […]