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Jemma’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Jem is back with another wonderful recipe! Cookies seem to be her speciality and I’m thrilled to be graduating from resident baker in our home … Jem is taking over and taking over well. Without further ado, here she is, my favorite blogger baker! My name is Jemma. My favorite color is purple – lavender, […]

Our Very Simple Christmas Bucket List

I have a love hate relationship with bucket lists. On one hand it’s super fun to set goals for a new season. I love getting the kids involved and bucket lists can really bring a dose of joy to each part of the year. On the other, I can easily overwhelm myself and get stuck […]

23 of Our Most Loved Picture Books

It probably comes at no surprise that we love books.​​​​​​​ We really, really do. As our home library grows and we find new treasures at our local library the kids and I thought it would be fun to keep track of our favorites. So we started a Notes section on my phone and every few […]

Setting an Intention For Your Homeschool Year

An intention. Or maybe a goal is the better word? Mantra, perhaps? Whatever it is, before school started last year I made a little list of what I hoped for our year. It was long. And overwhelming. Basically, it was too much … much too much for a mama with a kinder, 2nd grader, and […]

Happy Halloween!

I am not a Halloween person. It’s just not my jam. Spookiness. Scary things. It’s just not fun. But, the kids do love dressing up so we usually join in the Halloween spirit for that. This year, we went all out. It’s the first year I haven’t had a super little one, been packing to […]

This + That

Yes! That’s me on a bike! Jemma LOVES riding her bike and usually she is stuck riding loops in our neighborhood while I run with the stroller and Max scooters between us. She’s never asked to go on a longer bike ride, but I knew she would just love the freedom of going and going […]

Five Favorites: Target Edition

After a long hiatus from Target – AKA the moneysucker, I ventured in with the kids for a few necessities. We left pretty unscathed. Only a few bonus things jumped in our cart :) We all showed so much restraint! Somehow we rolled through Target and the only photo I snapped was of Kate DiCamillo’s […]

Winter Run Motivation

On my birthday run I got to thinking. Mostly about how gorgeous the weather was – clear, crisp, just a slight breeze – and how it won’t last. In October things tend to turn in the PNW. The rain comes. The sun sets earlier. I end up on the treadmill more often than not. Which, […]

Homemade Cinnamon Sugar Bagels, the LEMO Chair, and Symposium

Today, we had a home day. And it was glorious. For being homeschoolers we don’t seem to be home very much. I mean, we are. We have a pretty strict nap time each day so are almost always home for lunch and rest, but home days where we just get to be and work on […]

The Very Amazing, Oh-So-Fun Nugget Comfort

We have discovered the very best toy in the whole entire world! An impossible feat? Nope! Ya’ll the Nugget is perfect in so many ways! Now, when you see the Nugget your first question is probably, “Is that really a toy? Isn’t it more like furniture?” Well, yes and yes  Have you noticed that kids gravitate towards […]

16 Book Festival Favorites You’ll Want To Read Too!

The big kids and I went to the first ever Seattle Children’s Book Festival last weekend. It was so wonderful and we can’t wait for next year! We went specifically to meet LeUyen Pham, the illustrator of the Princess in Black series. These books are a top favorite for both Jemma and Max and we […]