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Exploring Carlsbad Caverns National Park With Kids

Tucked in the southeast corner of New Mexico, Carlsbad Caverns National Park is one of the most unique national parks you can explore. I’ve been blessed to visit three times in my life, twice with kids in tow, and each one has been a beautiful experience. I always appreciate reading other parent’s reviews of various […]

Homeschool Like a Boss: 5th Grade Required Reading List

In case you missed our 3rd grade reading list, here it is! There, I explained a bit about how we came to build a required reading list for each grade. It worked well in its first year so I think we will stick with this routine – one book a month of collaborative choosing – […]

Homeschool Like a Boss: 3rd Grade Required Reading List

Homeschool confession >>> I think we’ve done something different for reading/literature every year. Unfortunately, that means we haven’t hit a solid rhythm of how we do literature around here. On the flip side, we’ve never stopped reading and both kids LOVE books. Both Jemma and Max constantly have a book … or two or three […]

{In Progress} Homeschool Room Tour

Holy almost June! That means I’m on the cusp of wrapping up my sixth year of homeschooling! SIX YEARS! Most days I feel like I’m still getting my bearings, but here we are, plugging along and doing our very best. All in all, it has been a wonderful year. If you’ve been around for awhile […]

Five Favorites

Well, it might still be spring but summer has arrived in Texas! In fact, this weekend we’re going to see 100 degrees! Basically, the Texas weather is still an anomaly to me. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it. But, since it is still technically spring we’re focused on wrapping up […]

April Goals + My Favorite Habit Tracker

After finishing 75Hard in mid-March it felt necessary to transition to … something else. Not 75Hard level of a routine but something that would keep me on track. And yes, I realize I didn’t share about 75Hard here, mostly on Instagram. I may soon though because it was honestly one of the best things I’ve […]

The Best Books I Read Last Year

Most years I read 60+ books. Some years, close to 100. Last year I managed just 17. 2020 … and then 2021 hit me hard and I just let go of reading. When I thought about it, it made me terribly sad. I missed my stories. I missed learning. I missed doing something just for […]

Review: Yoto Player – It’s As Great As You Might Think

Our Yoto Player has been part of the family for six months now. And you know what that means … it’s high time for a full review! Plus, I wanted to be sure to pass on a 10% coupon toward your first purchase of $99+. Ok, here’s the scoop. I bought a Yoto Player for […]

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Where has the year gone, sweet boy? We cannot believe you are one! To think, that just a year ago we were snuggling up for the first time. I completed your birth video just in time for us all to reminisce. It brought tears to our eyes and so many smiles. What a perfect day […]