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Free Printable: Disney Movies Based on Rides

When the countdown to a Disney trip is on – it’s time to do your homework! Print this checklist of Disney movies, organized by land and ride before you venture to California’s Disneyland and California Adventure. You’ll get the full story behind so much of the magic and enjoy your trip all the more! Print […]

A Magical California Adventure Bucket List

Did you catch the Disneyland Bucket List? Well, I couldn’t very well leave out California Adventure, because, when it comes down to it – I love it equally as much. I remember California Adventure way back when. When those big letters spelled out C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A. We took family photos by the R to represent our family […]

Princess Belle Smoothie

I’ve made it a goal to get veggies into my boys via smoothie a few times each week. For a long time they baulked at the idea of a GREEN SMOOTHIE or any other that had a hint of vegetable despite how delicious it may be. And then I named our typical green smoothie … […]

A Magical Disneyland Bucket List

I’m about to embark on what I’m pretty sure is Disney trip #14! Seven of those trips have been since I first took Jem when she was five … since I really started studying Disneyland and strategizing our trips and aiming to experience many of the unique things about the park. What a ride! If […]

Gift Guide Especially For Boys

Around here birthday season rolls into Christmas and with five kids – four of which are boys – I feel like I’m constantly on the lookout for the perfect gift. For us, the perfect gift consists of something both useful and fun, something that sparks imaginative and activity, and something that can be used by […]

Greek Yogurt Peanut Butter Apple Dip

My best girlfriend is a huge peanut butter fan and recently she introduced me to her favorite peanut butter alternative. I mean, nothing really takes the place of peanut butter. But, when you’re trying to stretch groceries and eat a little healthier, you get creative. Hence, Greek yogurt peanut butter apple dip was born! With […]

The Name Doula

I’ve had a little pet project brewing – it’s called The Name Doula. Over on Instagram I’m cataloging all the names I love and helping parents find their perfect name too! Pop over and follow along and if you need name guidance you can submit a name consultation request! Curious how The Name Doula came […]

Protein Packed Lentil Banana Bread

​​​​​​​Ok, this is gonna be a fun one! My very first, completely modified recipe! Like, I took a traditional fave and made it quite a bit healthier. I mean, lentils? In banana bread? YES! Jem confirmed, she never would have guessed about the lentils. And the boys gobbled it down. Mama win! You see, with […]

Free Printable: Homeschool End of the Year Review Questionnaire

This is gonna be nice and short :) Inspired by The Peaceful Press, I whipped up a little end of the year review/questionnaire for the kids as our final assignment of the year. You can print a copy and/or modify it to fit your family’s studies for free! My only instructions were: Does not have […]

Usborne On the Go: Books + Activities For Happy, Smooth Adventuring

I don’t think it’s any secret that I love Usborne. The kids and I adore their stories (sweet and clean and options for all ages!) and puzzles (sturdy and pretty!) and our homeschool shelves are full of resource books we dive into often. But, Usborne isn’t just books … and that’s exactly what makes them […]

Five Favorites: Road Trip Edition

This month we roll out on an epic road trip! It’s working out to be almost 35 hours of drive time over five days covering six states. I’ve been prepping and packing for most of the month – I mean, that’s how you eat an elephant, yes? Especially when you have a little helper like […]